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Is Millet Bad for Your Health?

I’ve recently gone gluten free and was thinking of starting to eat millet, but I heard it can be bad for your thyroid. I also heard that they MAY not be true and was based off of an outdated study. I also heard that Proso Millet is okay, but not Pearl Millet, but that Pearl Millet is used a lot in products. I am confused. Someone please clarify this.

Birds really seem to like it. You can get 50 lbs. of it at Walmart for like $7.99, and they even throw in a bunch of sunflower seeds too.

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Don’t buy the bird stuff… But I recommend millets. It comes with several reasons:

Use of Millets can be traced back 8000 years or so. They haven’t been improved like whey and other grains. They have excellent nutrition profile and are brilliant when combining with oats for example. I categorize Millets: to ancient grain that is grain without much “improvements” . They also also somewhat used in traditional medicine thus they might have lots more wealth benefits than known/thought.

I do carbs in following priority:
1.) Beans. (dem fibers)
2.) oats and ancient grains.(millets)
3.) Brown rice.
4.) potatoes & sweet.
5.) fruits
6.) white rice. And bread grains (not wheat.)
7.) honey
8.) wheat.
9.) wheat with yeast
10.) pure sugar.

Do ur millets!