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Is Milk the Most Dangerous Food for Men?


Hey, guys. I have read on the internet that most milk has a high estrogen content due to the fact that the cows are lactating and have a bunch of estrogen naturally plus the fact that the factory farmers administer the cows all kinds of hormones to make them lactate more. Does this mean milk is bad for bodybuilders trying to maintain high levels of testosterone? Is cow estrogen compatible with people? Do we feel the effects of hormones we consume orally? Do the hormones only linger in the milkfat and therefore skim milk is safe? Love to hear what you guys think. thanks



This still does not change the fact that Milk is fucking awesome to drink and its good for weight gain and strength.


I never liked the taste of milk so I don't drink it. There are many other things you can eat.


I fucking love milk.


Buy organic, local milk from a farm near you. Problem solved.


I drink about 2 liters of milk a day on average. I have for about 10 years or so. It's my drink of choice over absolutely everything.

If you get afraid of everything you read, prepare to live in a gigantic bubble for the rest of your life.

Look at all of the guys who drink a lot of milk on this site... Does it look like they have a problem with testosterone?


I second that. If you cannot afford it, at least go for the growth-hormone-free variety. And drink your milk whole, so that you can properly absorb the protein in it.

I believe that in this case the numerous benefits of drinking milk (calorie-dense, good proteins, fats and electrolytes) outweigh the potential side effects, so keep on drinkin' it.


I've managed to not drink milk for about 6 months now. Reason being it gives me sensitive skin, but thats me. Like its been stated, there are things besides milk.


good shit. thanks a lot for your input. once again reasons to stay away from highly processed cheap foods, which are abundant in the usa. and imnewfeedme, i will take all the testosterone i can get. dre, thanks for the milkfat idea, i have never heard that


The hormone thing is complete bullshit. We really don't administer hormones to dairy cattle the way we do slaughter animals and even the bst(cow growth hormone) that used to be more widespread has essentially disappeared because no one can market bst milk. The real problem is peptide hormones like IGF1 being protected by the casein, which is debatable but not a particularly desirable thing if true.

Tons of guys have gained weight drinking large amounts of milk and they don't seem to be growing tits or dropping dead.


well think about it, if you eat beef, chances are you're exposed to similar hormones, so what's the difference between that and drinking milk? I'm a fan of both.


Good post. Agree 1000% on the hormone thing. Purely marketing by the organic guys.


I think this should help you: SKWATZ AND MILK


The way I look at it is this:

Buy organic, horomone-free, grass fed, whatever if possible. There has been some science that has shown negative effects from "modified" foods and there are even articles on this site regarding this topic. However, I don't think its an absolute disaster if you don't buy this way.

Milk is good for you from a nutrient standpoint and I'm sure its much better than sodas and alcohol. Could it perhaps help you maximize testosterone levels? Possibly. And if that's the name of the game for you, try to find the more natural versions of food. I don't think you can go wrong with Mother Nature's version.


milk is fuckin awesome.



Also, whole milk makes the greatest protein shakes. Add some Metabolic Drive to whole milk and you are in heaven.


And some condensed milk and peanut butter too..... starts drooling



all more info in case you guys are curious, looks like starbucks and wal mart already took action, and T-Nation has published some stuff too.
from the first one:
"Milk from cows given hormones cannot be distinguished from milk from untreated cows,â?? he told me, because the hormone levels are about the same. The FDA agrees. Some skeptics argue that the tools used to measure milk-boosting hormone levels arenâ??t sensitive enough; Rogers describes the technology as sophisticated.
It also turns out that milk-boosting hormones given to cows are mostly destroyed when their milk is pasteurized. According to Craig Baumrucker, professor of animal nutrition/physiology at Penn State University, pasteurization breaks down 90 percent of the growth hormone. He also points out that our stomach acids and intestinal secretions also break down these types of hormones.
Milk also contains traces of the reproductive hormones estradiol, testosterone, and something called IGF-1. Thereâ??s some evidence that IGF-1 may raise the risk of certain kinds of prostate cancer. But Rogers and others point out that the amounts of these hormones in milk are a small fraction of what our bodies produce every day. "