Is Milk That Bad?

I was just wondering if whole milk with little sugar is really that bad. I know alot of the coaches are against it, I just wanted to know why? Is whole organic milk really that bad?

Milk is the bringer of strength. Drink this magical nectar and muscle will grow.

People tell me milk is bad all the time because I drink so much. I always happen to be healthier than them, twice as strong as them, and they usually use tobacco products regularly.

Some people even say that drinking beer is healthier than drinking milk. Alright. So show me the guy who drinks a gallon of milk a day (almost always someone on a 20-rep squat routine) and then show me someone who drinks a gallon of beer a day (an alcoholic) and I’ll tell you whose healthier.

Some people say that the Human digestive system isn’t adapted to digest milk. Whatever. We’re fucking mammals. You know what makes mammals mammals? They produce and consume milk.

I watched a guy who was not doing dairy for a week to drop weight or something, shovel 3 KFC biscuits in his mouth. Talk about a moron.

But no, milks great. My only concern with milk is the artificial hormones they give some cows.

depends on the person, experiment