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Is Mike from Defy Medical a Former Bodybuilder/Powerlifter?

Random weird stupid question but just curious cause I found him on YouTube defy channel and he is swole as f*** . He is the one I use for telemedicine appointments and I didn’t think he looked liked that lol.

I have more trust in him now in terms of optimizing due to how I feel lol.

I also have this guy. He seems really knowledgeable, and can explain his ideas well.

Had no idea what he looked like. I’ve avoided mentioning my powerlifting due to not wanting to look like the guy trying to get legal gear, which is not what I’m after.

I had no idea this is what he looks like. I am super surprised. I hate it when I find out how far off my mental images always are.

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I think we’re both Shit out of luck when it comes to dosing etc . He looks like a retired bodybuilder/powerlifter.He can catch on easily and probably did steroids his own terms just like every other competitive bodybuilder,powerlifter.

Legal gear? 200mg which is a max is WAY low for people who use ILLEGAL GEAR.

What do I tell him about how my 160 a week isn’t feeling optimal? My erections barely stay, anxiety, can’t sleep consistently even though I’m on ibutamoren but can’t notice difference at night .

They will go by blood work. If you are low still, they will bump it up. You will have to wait until your next check up.