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Is Methyl-Test a Class I or II?


Is methyl-1-testosterone a class I or class II steroid? I know this has been answered before but since they changed t-mag I can't find anything. Thanks.


class 1, very strong binding to the androgen receptor. laters pk


FINALLY I got some specific info on M-1-T!!! I know some of you can help me with more secifics...

Is there any rough guidelines for dosage - as in mg/pound of bodyweight?

How about cycling - is it like PH's where 2-3 weeks is best before natural T levels fall too low, or is 4-6 weeks acceptable?

Any idea of M-1-T effectiveness vs. lymphatically designed 1-Test?




from what i've read people have gone up to 20mg a day but it all depends on what they can handle due to the side effects. considering it is methyl then it will hit the liver hard so a short cycle with some 4-AD or another class II androgen would be ideal. Half lives should be small so recovery should begin soon after dosages stop. As far as comparing methyl to liposome delivery, i really don't know which way is better. i've never done methyl-test yet but soon might try a cycle in the near future. laters pk