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Is Maximuscle Good?


Hopefully this is to site regulations having a brand name as the subject. But I was just wondering if Maximuscle is a good brand to use. People at my gym (in England) say it is one of the best on the market along with N02.

I didn't know if it was because this site is mainly populated by people from the US that lead to there being no reference of this brand or if it was just one not to be touched.

This post is probably flameworthy but I have done my own research and it all seems to be positive feedback. But then again saying that some of the information I've found while browsing this site is very eye opening so I didn't know if anyone had any interesting information on Maximuscle.

Products namely: ProGain, Cyclone (In Bar Form) and Promax Natural.

Many thanks...


I have tried some of their products in the past and found them to be very hit and miss. They do tend to over-hype their products a bit too much.

The progain wasn't too bad, I put on some mass using that. The cyclone bars didn't seem to make any difference, same with their protein powders. I really do detest the taste of their products though, can't put my finger on it, they just taste odd.


In the past I've used strawberry progain and thought the flavour was nice when mixed with milk. Cyclone itself was disgusting and I could only manage to get through half a glass a time before gagging continuously and it being physically impossible to drink it so please dont say I'm a slacker lol.

What would you recommend for performance WITH good taste then? I might try it after this batch of maximuscle stuff I've just ordered


Maximuscle popularity stems mostly from its strong marketing tactics, the company features in many magazines and sponsors a lot of athletes, hence alot of people only know maximuscle!

I will agree that the products are not low quality but I do believe they are overpriced.

Their protein powder tastes like shit however. And they still sell HMB and add it to some of their blends like cyclone. This supplement has a lot of strong scientific background but many previous users have reported no effects which makes you wonder how cutting edge the company is.


my experinces with maximuscle products wasnt that great, didnt rate progain protein and cyclone made me gag real bad and i found them to be very over priced for what it was. This was a few years ago and i have never been back so maybe they have changed but i for one wouldnt bother with them.

Although the protein shaker i bought from them has lasted a long time. But frankly given the choice i would rather eat the protein shaker for post work out nutrition than try to drink cyclone.


Hey! maximuscle, hmmmmmmm bit of a weird situation. I just don't see how you can make really great quality products while marketing and advertising so much. My team just got sponsored by them and im still a bit reluctant to use them. I would really only use them because if i get done for drugs i can just blame it all on them, haha.

I mean i had to stop taking my HOT-ROX in fear of failing one. Now that is a kick ass supp was awesome. I dont think thermabol will come close to that. They do the best alternative to flame out though with their EFA. I think they do too much stuff.

I was asking a rep for just plain mono creatine and all i could get was some super special creatine with added wotever it was. What put me off them allot was what they said about protein on their website.

They dodge round talking about the benefits of misclear casein. Was so underhand. I personaly believe chemical nutrition is the best alternative to Biotest. Reflex is pretty good too. Beware though there casein tastes like shit though.


Im not a fan of maximuscle products at all. Their marketing and endorsment strategy are incredibly aggressive. To me they are overpriced, often outdated and of average quality. If you want to try a domestic brand reflex and CNP are generally considered good quality.

Or you could do what I do and order directly from Biotest! I only do this for lighter goods though, such as HRX, Spike etc. Shipping and customs charges work out more expensive the heavier the package.


how much does that work out then say if i wanted to buy like 20 packets of Spike?


You can determine the shipping charges for such an order by entering it and your address in the T-Nation store.




I have used it in the past and its so so - very expensive though. I've only tried CNP protein bars and really liked them. I may try their protein.
Recently i have been ordering stuff from this site - be prepared to pay shipping and customs charges a few weeks later though.

It works out to be a fair bit BUT just look at the prices on Tnation store - cheap as chips mate - literally at least half or more than what you pay for ok supps over here. Quality is excellent IMO and the protein bars are great.
Hope this helps somewhat.


to echo what many have already said, i believe maximuscle to be a good product. i am told by some one who worked in a company retailing supps in the uk that only REFLEX and MM make their products to food product standards.

Obviously you have to then take into account the price and if you care the image of MM


Their products are good quality yet expensive and taste like piss, and RiverDancers take their products same with Bear Grylls who is used to the taste of piss by now
Better off with internet stuff