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Is Mast E Around Anymore?


I keep reading about the enanthate version of Masteron, but it doesn't seem to be around at a lot of suppliers I know of, just the propionate version. Is it possible to find and am I just looking in the wrong places, or is it a rare/hard to find product?


Most people incorporate Mast into cutting / pre contest cycles, where it would make sense to run shorter esters due to water retention. For that reason, most just carry prop as it's far more popular.


why would shorter esters create less water retention?


In and out of your system faster, allowing water weight to come off faster. Lets you run your compounds closer to the show.

"Due to water retention" not "Less Water Retention"


oh ok i misread, my fault


For a while everyone's Mast E was bunk as all the UGLs basically get their supplies from the same sources (China).

Apparently the problem has been fixed though


Are there concerns with Mast P being legit, or is that a more reliable product?


There's always concerns with bunk product. Just find a lab with solid reviews and you should be good to go.


As was mentioned there's always a concern of under dosing or fake stuff. Do your research and find a quality source to minimize this risk.