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Is massive eating for me?

Ok so im not looking for any weight gain or muscle growth really.
I do weights twice a week fitted around my HIIT and my evening thai/kickboxing classes which i do 5 nights a week

I wanna perform well, not lose much weight but lose some body fat (so it probably means gaining a bit of muscle then really)

anyway i’ve been following dont diet diet and the calorie calcuations in that but i am worried that im not eating enough.

i’m 5’8, 140lbs and train usually twice a day (HIIT/weights in the morning, 1 1/2 hours kickboxing in the evenings)
and i’ve calculated i need roughly 2300 based on dont diet diet.
does that sound abour right with all that training or should I up it to massive eating?


If your looking to lose fat, you probably don’t want to do massive eating as you’ll probably gain more fat (that’s a hypercaloric program, not hypocaloric).

2300 sounds fine…I’m on the T-Dawg diet right now and I’m 5’10" 178lbs (as of this morning) and my calories are at 2200 [(BW*15)-500].

I think massive eating is an excellent choice. Not neccesarily the calorie recomendations, but the P+C, P+F principals.
Just find the amount of calories that seems to be maintenence(keeping your weight). And eat this amount and you should gain muscle and lose fat at a decent rate.

You have to also realize that M.E. is a process that allows you to eat enough calories to meet your need. Even if you’re not heavy into weights, but are active with other sports or martial arts, your caloric intake is going have to be adequate. If you follow massive eating properly you will meet those needs and gain very little fat, and of course gain lean muscle mass which is vital for any phyical activity.