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Is Mag-10 safe to use in drugtested comps?

I am pondering about using Mag-10. The problem I have with it, is that a lot of the stuff on the market, such as 19-andostendeione, 4-andostendione or what hte hell they are called :), turns into nandrolone once they are inside the body, and thus will give a positive drug test.

Is Mag-10 ok for competing in IOC sanctioned events? I know Methoxy is. What about the new improved Mathoxy? Is it ok with the IOC?

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Bill Roberts said it was in an older thread. And none of the ingredients are currently on any ban list.

the ipf/usapl, which tries to follow the ioc, bans andro and related substances. if you are going to take mag10, you should stay out of drug tested organizations. the fact that you might be able to take mag10 and pass a drug test is irrelevant. if you want to take mag10, then you should compete in non-drug tested orhanizations.

You ought to check for yourself to be sure, but so far as I know 5-methyl-7-hydroxyisoflavone (which is what Methoxy-7 converts to) and the ethylcarbonate ester of that (which is what is provided in Methoxy-7) are OK with the IOC.