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Is MAG-10 really the best Andro. substance available ??

Does most people agree that MAG-10 is the best Andro to ever hit the market? Or is there others that are better or at least close? Will MAG-10 make it into the history books as the first killer supplement, besides steriods, or just yet another product built up by hype? (like Extinct Weider products, HMB, Vanadyl Sulfate, pyrouvate, tablet form aminos, Those GH “releasers” L-Arginine, L-Orthinine, etc.) So far, I think, Creatine is the only supplement (besides protein powders) that has stood the test of time.

I’m about finished with 2 weeks on it, I can’t say yet if it’s great, but I can’t say it’s B.S. by any means either.

By far the best supp I’ve ever used, hands down.