Is M1T a Steroid?

is this practically a steroid? what do you guys think? thanks for any post!!

Poison with a side effect of muscle growth. You dont need it.

haha why is that?

why are you even in the neighborhood of the stuff with a whopping 2 months under your Harbinger weight belt. Food should be your only anabolic substance at this point.

[quote]Nole wrote:
Poison with a side effect of muscle growth. You dont need it.[/quote]

Tell me you are, or know either one of those girls in the pic…OMG…lol

oh ya ya…poison with side effect muscle growth…and like Growing Boy said, you better get some more time under that weight belt before you mess with stuff such as this…

now back to your avatar. lol


I can’t say either, although one of the girls names is Jenn Sterger. She ended up posing for playboy after being seen on TV at a game. Im telling you, things get ridiculous at FSU.

…But yeah, M1T is bad. :wink:

So in one of your earlier threads you stated you have liver problems, and CREATINE was affecting you. Hmmm, let’s think for a quick second shall we, since you obviously haven’t even done MINOR research on the supplement your asking about.

Point #1: M1T: Methylated to make first pass through your liver. What’s that mean? Raises liver enzymes which in turn with pre-existing liver problems can cause some major health issues.

Point #2: 2 months lifting experience, 147 pounds. Should I even have to go further than this sentence?

Point #3: Yes, this is a pro-hormone which is essentially a steroid that is released through gray areas in the supplement industry. Not only can it cause harsh side effects, there are many cases of delayed gyno with pro hormones. Many pro hormones also need to be treated as a steroid and have a proper PCT protocol. Do you even know what PCT stands for?

There are so many other things that I can go into, but it’s pretty obvious you should not be taking this, so please, do yourself a favor and completely erase this idea from your mind. And if for some retarded reason you still decide to do it, don’t say I, or the others didn’t warn you about it.

Nole: I’ll have to look her up cause DAYUUMMMM! lol

and yes lrgkiller you did post about creatine and your liver. Don’t touch this stuff.

I believe the phrase “SQUAT + MILK” is probably more up your alley.