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Is Low T just Legal Roids?

I see all these places poping up around where I live. For Testosterone injections. Isnt testosterone injections what roids are? If so why is it all the sudden legal? Sorry if I sound dumb on this Im just wondering what all the hub ub is all the sudden…

You get testosterone injections to reach a NORMAL physiological testosterone level just like any healthy man has anyway.

Just my 2 cents worth.

Two things are motivating the sudden increase in interest. 1) There is increasing medical evidence about the benefits of correcting low T and 2) (Perhaps motivated by 1) There are an increasing number of proprietary delivery mechanisms available in recent years.

I don’t understand your comment about it being “all the sudden legal”, testosterone has been legal for a very very long time, there is nothing new about that. In fact was it ever illegal?