Is Low Prolactin a Problem?

Guys, I was reviewing some test results and I noted that I have very low prolactin levels.
3.6 4-15.2 ng/ml.

I have tried to research and find a reason or cause and cannot. I found some info that states low prolactin can be bad for libido, but not much on it.

Anyone have any thoughts on this? Should I even be concerned or looking at how low it is as a reason for low libido? I am still dialing in my trt protocol, but still wonder about the prolactin issue. Had an MRI a few years back and no issues.

I have never heard of low prolactin being a problem. Now high will give you manboobs.

Are you taking an AI for E2? If so it might be bringing your P down.

Not taking an AI right now.

I had the prolactin test done prior to being on any TRT.

Are you taking anything to increase dopamine?

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Were you severely over weight before TRT? That can raise E2 and P

Never been overweight. Always hovering under 10% bf and quite muscular.

Diagnosed secondary.

I am now taking low dose wellbutrin, attempting to increase libido. But when those low prolactin labs were done, no, I wasn’t taking anything to increase dopamine.

Earlier this year I did try selgiline and cabergoline, but neither did a thing for me.

You’d think, with such low prolactin, my dopamine would be high. And I’d have a libido. But nothing.

I actually wonder sometimes if I’m low on serotonin, but I think that has a negative relationship w sex drive.

I take wellbutrin 150 time released to improve climax. It’s never improved my libido.
The only thing that did that was a FT of 33 and a 22 E2

Have you considered the prolactin test could be a lab error. Labcorp has messed my test up before.

I suppose it could be retested. Being secondary, my pituitary is wacky. So maybe that’s the case.

I had one day, 10 days into 100 mg wellbutrin where I felt an amazing overwhelming libido. It was insane. It lasted all day and never returned. I keep chasing it.

I’ve tried different strengths but stick w 100 standard release. I take it mainly for the effect it has in me in that I’m a bit more outgoing and more apt to engage in social situations.

My last two e2 tests sensitive came in at 49 (trt 300mg test every 2 weeks) and 28 (trt 100mg once a week).

I am now splitting my 100mg up, twice per week. Will be retesting e2 in a week or so. I have arimidex on hand to try.

Thing is is that I did experiment w dhea and had a day or two where I felt sex drive. So I’m actually wondering if my e2 just needs to actually be a bit higher. My test/estrodiol ratios are usually around 20%.

I may try lower dose dhea in an attempt to subtly increase e2 to see if it just needs to be higher. If that doesn’t work, I may take the lower route and try to get it down to that magical 22 figure.

I do think once test is at a constant, just dialing in e2 will improve libido. Hopefully. Haven’t had it since college 20 years ago. I am attracted to women mentally but I don’t get that rush anymore. That drive, if you will. It’s a strange feeling.

I hear you roscoe getting this TRT shit figured out can be a real challenge.
I have only used the 150 time releases I started out 1 every 12 hours but now just 1 in the mornings. It tripples my climax intensity on fun nights with the wife. I get no other effects from it.

On your TRT doses. It takes 40 days if you are using T cyp to reach steady state so making changes or doing bloods before that time is not very helpful. Sure its a good check on where you are but those number(TT, FT, E2, prolactin) will continue to go up until you reach steady state.

I can get by without an AI on 100mg/wk but at 120 I can feel my E2 climbing. I get ED and no libido when my E2 hits 40
I don’t like 100/wk I feel my best at 140 but that means I take my AI on every injection day. In case you are wondering my SHGB is 25.

“Sexual problems in men may be linked to low levels of the hormone prolactin, according to a new study. The finding is perhaps surprising because experts have traditionally thought prolactin, which stimulates breast development and milk production in women, impairs men’s sexual functioning at high levels.”

"In the new study, researchers looked at nearly 3,000 European men ages 40 to 79, and measured their testosterone and prolactin levels, body mass indexes (BMIs), and blood cholesterol and sugar levels. The participants filled out questionnaires about their general health, smoking, alcohol consumption and sexual functioning.

The results showed low prolactin was linked to several signs of poor sexual health, as well psychological health. Men with levels of prolactin that were lower than average, although still within the normal range, were more likely than men with higher levels to say their sexual function was getting worse, particularly their enjoyment of orgasm. They also had more symptoms of depression, the researchers said."

Same things I saw. But it’s hard to find anything else about it. Or what the cause of it is.

I don’t think it’s something one can raise. I don’t believe prolactin itself is the cause of some people’s low libido but more a side effect of something else that may be causing it.

In some men low prolactin will cause pe. Been dealing with it for some years now. Changed drs, low prolactin was his theory on the cause of pe. Have sense stopped taking my ai and upped my trt dose (my e2 was a 14 also) and it has improved dramatically

I’m sure that e2 wasn’t helping in the least

No. My theory is a combination of the 2. Was dealing with the problem pre trt, issue just got worse as time went on after starting trt. Pre trt test was is 100s with prolactin at 0. E2 wasnt checked then. When e2 was check it was 40 with prolactin at bottom of range

Yes this is the reason of low libido, especially enjoyment of orgasm!!!
I have the same prob, LOW PROLACTIN
did you treat the prob?