Is Lifting for a Long Time Important Before Going On Steroids?

Is lifting for a long time important before going on steroids? If yes, why? Also can one do steroids first time lifting? Assuming proper diet, form, program and enough knowledge about steroids, pct, cycling, blood work, etc is met? If no, why? my question is the reason why its important you have lifting history because the experience it provides, there is something more to it?

I could write about this for hours but I’m on an iPad and it’s tedious. Let me ask you this… why do you think you can start lifting day one and already be doing everything correctly… diet, form, routine etc? I’ve been doing it 20+ years without ever taking a break and I still learn new things from trainers, gym buddies, new studies and forums like these.


I’ve not run anything stronger than a TRT dose, but it strikes me that there are a number of lifters who’re running quite a bit of gear and are smaller than me.

Given that these drugs have side-effects, I’d suggest using the minimum dose to achieve your desired goals. If you’re new to lifting, it’s probably sensible to spend time learning proper form, etc. Then consider them a year or two down the line.

I am going to respond as if you are not a troll, underaged or someone fishing for anything they can use to vilify AAS.

Besidese health risks and all of that, why pay to build something you can achieve and keep naturally? Getting on gear before you reach natural potential can actually lessen what you can have when going back to natural.

I figure those reasons would speak to anyone of the mindset that finds an appeal in being strong or developed. Aka the emotional reason because you like the idea of being big and strong.

Now for the logical appeal. Even if for some crazy once in a life situation you end up with FREE pharmacutical gear, don’t you want to know how to get the most out of it if you are going to risk potential side effects? The only way you know how to get the most out of it is through experience learning how your body responds to an endless variety of methods and routines.

I will close with, I actually kind of hope you are an underaged (for gear under 25 is underaged) person being pressured by idiot friends. Why do I hope that? Because you did your best to find an outside source of experienced people to ask. If this is the case and you are feeling pressured, fuck your friends, you are already more intelligent then them. Keep using your head to make informed decisions and you will go much further than those that jump on the band wagon because that’s what everyone else is doing.

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Yes and even then its not important to go on. Those of us who are smart do them because we’ve probably come close to or have tapped out our genetic limits and have done all we could to maximize our potential. Others of us, like me, do them because I had a medical diagnosis that made me take them and because of that I take advantage of it; otherwise, I never wanted to be dependent on any drug for any reason. They help a little bit, but it’s not like you’re gonna go from a 400lb bench to a 500lb bench in six months even with large doses. Everyone’s body works differently. You still have to work and be smart.

Steroids are an ace card. They help but they are by far the least important component in gaining muscle and strength. Training, diet and sleep are more important by far.

Don’t screw with your body’s natural hormone production if you don’t need to.

again, i dont think that possible but i was looking for the reason behind you ‘‘need lifting history before doing gear’’ is it cuz the experience those lifting years provide provide or there’s another reason why?

i am. am far too young and dont plan go on them at all. but its something that came up at gym. to at least have 3-4 years training history before doing gear. i am curious but it just seemed that every had the same reason. cuz you have experience, enough knowledge about them and familiar with your body, with diet, with discipline and is far more less likely to abuse. i asked any other reason. but no one had one. so am asking here. is it only that? or there is something more to it?

I’ve never done any kind of steroids, but it strikes me that you should probably make sure you can follow a sensible lifting program with consistency over time, not to mention the other lifestyle factors needed for success.

Most people who set out to lift weights will not take to the activity. Some may “go to the gym”, but do nothing that resembles productive lifting. Some may never manage to get there more than once or twice per month. Most people will simply quit.

Imagine pinning testosterone on day 1 and giving up on lifting a month or two later, which is about what I’d put the average lifespan of a typical bro who rolls into the gym, gallon jug in-hand, ready to take on the world.

Rapid strength gain accrued from AAS use will occur, especially on a 1st cycle or for the inexperienced lifter. The result is a greatly increased risk of tendon injury/ tears, as the muscles can cope with the new strength, but it takes longer for the tendons to adapt. Think about it, there’s a big difference from some guy who has just started lifting and can bench 85lbs going from being able to bench 85lbs to 225lbs in a couple months compared to a guy starting gear but can bench 315 and by the end of the cycle he can bench 340, both are a jump in weight faster than what would’ve naturally occurred, however the 85-225 jump in theory would put far more stress on the tendons. Now if the individual has the self control to hold back the chances of injury are reduced… But … Come on, most guys who start lifting will be brainwashed with ego and therefore attempt to lift super heavy all the time.

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thank you. appreciate you, that has not come to my attention. how ever. what if the cycle sustanon. minimum dosage was run for 12 weeks only. pct,diet and program done right. can one expect to keep those gains. and work natty from there?

  • Can one do this and expect to keep gains? Sure

  • should they? Probably not, it depends on your age, level of education and hormonal status. If you’re well informed as to the potential risks AAS has, you’re fully developed (for some this happens at age 18, others may not be fully developed until age 25+, generally 25 is the point where the majority of people have finished developed, and one needs to remember the male brain does continue to develop until age 25). Whether there’s a significant difference between a 23 year old adult male cycling and a 25 year old adult male, I doubt it, however there’s certainly a difference in 99%+ of cases between an 18-19 yo and a 25 y/o cycling. Hell, many of the 18 year old I know can’t even grow decent facial hair! The only exception in which the age bracket tends to not matter is if for some extremely unlikely circumstance, you’re well educated, on TRT due to depressing, unlucky circumstances or you’ve been given a contract for many millions of dollars to be a professional athlete.

The whole notion of 1 cycle only is bullshit, most become intoxicated with the amazing results and from then on decide to keep cycling, and it becomes a lifelong thing, eventually leading to blast and cruise when you can’t recover properly anymore.

Minimum dose would be 0mgs/wk lol, however 1mg/wk is also a minimal dose… Doses differ between everyone, the title of this thread clearly should’ve been “can I hop on AAS at a young age without lifting for a long time” because that’s the idea you had

you posted this as a reply, and then in response to my post that you might’ve percieved as encouraging

You posted this, I’m not encouraging you to jump on gear, that’s your decision (although I advise against it, but then again I wouldn’t recommend anyone to jump on gear, it’s a personal and extremely tough decision to make)

How old are you?
How long have you been training?
What are your stats (Height, weight, BF percentage, couldn’t give a shit about how heavy you lift, I’m thinking bodybuilding, not powerlifting, although if that’s your focus then just list you’re lifting stats)

There is something more to it, you shouldn’t be using anabolic steroids if you aren’t aware of the risks, aren’t willing to put in the work without the anabolic steroids or have a legitimate risk of fucking up you’re endocrine system provided no endocrine abnormalities existed prior to gear use. Granted, many people use gear without knowledge, some get away with it, some don’t, people do stupid things, props to you for seeking education on the subject before being one of this kids whoose like “derp, I’m gonna run 1000mgs of tren ace only for a first cycle… Oh, and some anavar at 150mgs/day because it’s ‘mild’” and then go onto these forums like “there’s milk coming out of my titties and my BP is OVER 9000!!!”

This describes me almost perfectly. I had went 10 years without seriously working out. I got back to working out and I could bench 185 for 6 reps. I had lost weight and my bench went down. I was finally diagnosed with Low T and started my T shots. I felt like in 3-4 months my bench shot up. I went from benching 185 for some reps to hitting 225 for 8. Now I’m hitting 265 for 3-5 reps. BUT my elbows are whipping my ass. Tendinitis is getting bad. I took all last week off from lifting and did cardio work outside. I iced them 2-3 times a day. I think I might start out this week with light weight and more reps for volume to help bring up strength. EGO got the best of me and ignorance.

i mean 250 mg/wk. but i get your point.

i wouldn’t. even if it was possible. but am experimenting with, what would be the result if it was done. (not at a young age. i can imagine shit would hit the fan then) but just without lifting history. (maybe 21 of age at minimum) i know that’s still too young but its not the worst. am very curious if a person did that in general.

not at all but i found it very useful. am glad you got share you thoughts on the matter with me. you definitely have more understanding in this than i do.


4 months. but not planning to do gear at all. not anytime soon at least (maybe in 7yrs)

5’8, 74 kgs, 18%

exactly. even though i dont plan to do gear. perhaps never at all. i cant help but wonder. what if someone did do gear as start. just a sust cycle. assuming they managed to keep everything right (form,cycle,pct,diet,proper weight etc) even though that’s highly unlikely, but lets assume they did. what would the outcome? can they use gear to reach their genetic limit. instead of using it after their limit or even as its one cycle gain mass (since its 5 esters) (and managed not to get hooked and got off) ‘‘again highly unlikely but lets assume’’ keeping natty with persistent program and diet after getting off could they have managed to keep the gains and actually jump started their journey?

thats very irresponsible but i can imagine. typical egoistic teens.

depends, honestly, I don’t think there’s a big difference between a 21 and a 25 y/o using gear besides the aspect that most 21 year olds are super irresponsible, impatient and immature, otherwise the difference is (in most cases) probably fairly minute. Androgens affect neurotransmitters, male brain development typically finishes around age 25, so who knows what vastly supraphysiologic doses will do to the developing brain. 250mg isn’t very high though, so in a hypothetical case, with 250mg someone who hasn’t touched a weight in his life. He hops on, gains 25lbs (because he’s never touched a weight in his life, so low dose gear+noob gains), IF he doesn’t injure himself, he comes off and KNOWS how to properly diet, train and do PCT, he’ll probably lose 5-10lbs, if he recovers the rest in theory should be keepable, however now gains will be far slower than what he is used to, and the frustrating “lack of progress” due to having been used to gear style results will haunt him, he will probably resume using gear or quit altogether as he didn’t have the dedication for the craft in the first place.

I was exaggerating a bit, although there was one teen on here with phenomenal stats and a really good physique (had been using designer steroids since the age of 16 or something) who was going to start his first cycle, against everyones advice, his FIRST cycle was something along the lines of 600mg test/wk and 150mg anadrol/DAY. Now he thought the anadrol was bunk, so to test if it was bunk he took 1000mg in a day… That’s a prime example of irresponsibility.

I hate to jump on the bandwagon with all the other people flaming kids, as I’m no better than these kids, I’m a stupid teenager (on TRT due to unrelated reasons) who is using (albeit low) doses of gear, but it seems most kids go to a forum with these ridiculous cycles in mind thinking nothing will ever to happen, there appears to be this attitude in the teenage community that we are invincible, and it couldn’t be farther from the truth, if anything we are more prone to danger due to the fact that we tend to make stupid decisions all the time! It isn’t common you see a grown man/woman pass out at a party, get rushed off to the ER to get his/her stomach pumped due to alcohol poisoning, how often do you see this happen to kids, teenagers and young adults… (hint: much more often). It irritates me when kids think they know it all or that they can’t get hurt because they’re so careful (when in reality they have no education or idea as to what they’re potentially getting themselves into) when I’ve seen and heard of so many overdoses, psychotic breaks (typically drug related), severe injuries and whatnot MOSTLY stemming from teenagers.

Hmmmm what’s your TRT dose? Have you ever cycled? How’s your form when you bench press, do you flare or tuck your elbows? Why not switch to dumbell bench press with lighter weights, I find they target the chest just fine (great for hypertrophy) and don’t seem to bother my shoulders or elbows as much as conventional bench press

that’s exactly what i thought too.

but will it be slower than how fast he’d gain if he never touched gear. or it’ll the same rate? can doing gear as start actually make gaining slower inthe future or it will just seem slower to the individual because he’s used gear gains. and he’s mind is comparing. judging with just one cycle. which in theory. done perfect.

what are ‘‘designer steroids’’ are they safer version or something? cuz 16 seems far too young for anything and i never heard of designer steroids.

How old was he at the time he was doing this? i hope alot older than 16. however i think for him there was psychological factor here. judging you said he was in a great shape and based of off the dosage here. he is rushing and maybe trying to bury something under all that muscle. how big does one really wanna be?. That dosage and cycle as a first cycle alone is unnecessary. perhaps we’re looking at a typical gear abuser.

i couldn’t have agreed more. but i believe you’re one of the smartest and most responsible people that could ever do gear. sure rookie mistakes here and there. but the main point is to learn from them. and what your saying is well thought of and collected.

what if it was 500 mg/wk. would that make a difference. since its the most used and recommended dosage for sustanon. of course the gains would a lot more. but in theory if done right. would still be keepable?

Beginning TrT cycle was 100mg a week. I divided that into 2 shots. Doc moved my dosage up and now I am 200mg a week divided into 2 shots. I have never cycled nor used any other AAS.

Elbows are usually moderately tucked. I have incorporated dumbbells but I don’t want to take any chances and cause long term damage with my elbows.