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Is Life a Punishment/Hell?

I don’t really have the chops to be busting anyone’s chops, haha it was written to make me laugh, but was probably unnecessary.

I still like to believe that people can be made to understand how ridiculous they sound when confronted with this stuff.

How do you know this? You’ve never had a pro-physique by your own admission. How do you KNOW happiness lies in “having” a pro-physique?

Don’t demand that things happen as you wish, but wish that they happen as they do happen, and you will go on well. - Epictetus

The happy man is he who can make a right judgement in all things: he is happy who in his present circumstances, whatever they may be, is satisfied and on friendly terms with the conditions of his life - Seneca


Are you serious?

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In some ways I’ve achieved (at least in terms of building size) the kind of physique I want & in other areas, like aesthetics (sucks in gut!!!) I’m way off where I’d like to be!

Your goals are probably unrealistic.

What else have you tried?

People seriously need to start posting pics/videos of themselves along with these asinine posts for more accurate responses… actually just for increased entertainment value

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Maybe try strength sports. I find much more satisfaction from hitting a PR on a lift, then waiting a year for a slight improvement on my biceps. Since switching from BBing (not competing or anything) to PLing (have done a few comps), I focus much less on appearance.

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Heads up. This guy used the angle he has depression and implied he felt suicidal because of lack gains. He brought this up when guys in the pharm section weren’t exactly helping him out with his first planned cycle.


//Row row row your lats//
//'far as I can tell//
//Misery misery misery misery//
//Life is a punishment/Hell//


Bro fuck off! Making shit about yourself’

This is getting good.
Respect @bulldog9899

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You can do better then that can’t you? When your reach a low point and your looking into the abyss and it looks back. Then you can talk about depression…

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If you’re going to converse with people in a public forum, it’s probably going to be useful for you to consider the language you use and how people may react to that.

In terms of the topic in hand, you absolutely scream victim mentality, and that’s not something that’s tolerated well around here. You do not get given an IFBB pros body, you have to go and get it over the course of years/decades. Instead of the current confrontational, victim persona you’re currently showing, maybe try to become Dan John’s “eternal student”. Ask questions, seek to understand, learn. Because you admit yourself, your current approach is not working.

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If you’re nice to people now. maybe you’ll be super jacked in the next life.


Correct. I experienced it and it wasted a good chunk of my life… and money… time that I could have even just having some joy.


This is an excellent point. The human brain is wired to be unsatisfied with what it has. This is magnified in a depressed state, and made worse by lack of drive to actually get things done. When you get what you want, after the initial glow of satisfaction you will become unsatisfied again.

It takes work on yourself to not be happy with what you have.


I know because I used to be 300 pounds unhappy lost weight and was happy now I want a pro physique my dad was a bodybuilder wanna look like him at the end of my cycle!

If you still can, talk about this with your dad. That would be the best way towards your goal.