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Is Life a Punishment/Hell?

The fact that I desire to look like a ifbb pro I feel like I will never have a decent physique in my eyes or look like a pro since the universe never gives you what you want! Are than any people out there who achieved the physique they wanted or that only comes to people who don’t care to look good,feel like it’s my karma to not have what I want,like I did something in a past life to not deserve this! It’s always something blocking me from my goals,low t,sleep! Is the whole point to life to suffer and never have what you want?


That said, if the only torment you’re experiencing is that you won’t look like an IFBB pro even though you really REALLY want to, you have a very good life.


Get the Fuck over it.


Yah that’s the only thing that’s making me depressed I am a very vain/superficial person!

What’s making you depressed is how you choose to react to this situation: not the situation.


Will I feel I put in work I do 20-25 sets on legs a week not including deadlifts! I progress every week! I squat heavy and low! But my legs still don’t look like tom Platz I copy his workouts! I started my cycle yesterday and there’s no guarantee it will work which makes me upset! The owner of the gym is a huge monster he said I train like a beast so I know I work hard! But who knows if it’s gonna pay off my diet is whole food I just make sure to get 3-500 grams of protein a day and a cal surplus Ben pollack said that’s all u need is a surplus and 1g per bodyweight of protein I do 2g per bodyweight just to be safe!

You squat 500lbs for 20+ reps?

Try saving up all your exclamation points for the end of the paragraph. They lose meaning when used so frequently.


No but I do the same sets and reps etc 10 sets of squats leg extensions etc!

This is most likely why your legs don’t look like his.


@T3hPwnisher really brother ? Your going along for the ride arent you?


Hey man he giving me solid life advice keep it coming!

It entertains me. I stop when it doesn’t.


fair enough.

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Why don’t you pick a hobby that doesn’t lead to pain and suffering and gives you what you want? There’s lots of other areas in your life that will provide grief for you, no reason to add to it.

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Because having a pro physique is what would make me happy! Been like this for years nothing else would make me happy!

Based off what you have wrote in other of your post…
Speaking as someone that has ACTUALLY been diagnosed and dealt with a anxiety and depression disorder along with a few other on here who have also.


I’d say this sums up what some of us feelings.


Have you ever thought that realigning your dreams and aspirations in life might be a little bit more important than having muscular legs?

Really dude?
You need to stop whatever stupid fucking AAS cycle youre on, go seek a medical professionals advice in regards to a PCT, and seek actual help for your mental state

I’m not buying the bullshit. Speaking again from experience with true depression it turns one’s life into a living hell. Where just making it through a day is misery to the point one can barely function. Listening to some petty oh I don’t look like a pro makes me disgusted. In this case I don’t give a darnn if I come across a ass. Due to my own experience with it I have zero sympathy.


Probably true, from memory, your grasp of training concepts is minimal at best, and your attitude sucks.

True. The universe doesn’t give a shit about you. You will have to go get what you want yourself.

Yes, plenty.

Nope, you just aren’t doing what’s necessary. Seriously, stop feeling sorry for yourself and start being honest. If this really is such an all consuming passion, are you doing everything you possibly can to achieve your goal? And have you been doing that for the last 10+ years? If not, you now know what happens if you don’t put everything in.


Why withdraw that?