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Is Liberalism Genetic?


They say that liberalism is a mental disorder, perhaps with this finding they can start working on a cure for Bush/Palin Derangement Syndrome.


If they find a religious gene I'm getting a t-shirt that says "I'm not religious, but my Priest is." Then I'm going to lead a campaign on campus against religious-phobes ( self-hating closeted religious people, really). If everyone's getting a predisposition/orientation, I want mine, too.




Death penalty for gays will be law soon, Ugandan lawmaker says


How dare you!

They are doing it for the children:

He also is the "minister of ethics", so he probably knows better than you do.

Are you a minister of ethics?

Thought so.


They know. And, they'll tell you.


He got skillz!


Are you telling me that you think I, as an Atheist, secretly pray to and worship a god? Are you a Troll because....wow...


Kinda funny that Uganda uses the identical arguments to support discriminating against gays that people use in our own country.

It threatens traditional marriage, and....will someone think of the children???


forlife do me a favor if you would. Could you please tie homosexuality into every thread that you're in? Oh..oh wait...you already do that never mind.



As to the topic, most know that liberalism is a mental disease. But that doesn't mean that it's necessarily genetic.


I'd pull out my bag of "You know how I know you're gay?" jokes, but I don't think it will work in this instance.


The earnestness of your face and posts tells me that you will soon be in a catastrophic flame war on this site.


Liberalism is intellectual poison. But there are lots of very smart people who are liberals.


Hello my name is Zeb and I'm in charge of welcoming all 20 something male, foreign born (to US) atheists to T Nation. I'm glad you're here because we certainly don't have enough of you around.

Oh and probably not your best first move calling one of the finest posters on the forum a troll. Let's just chalk that up to a rookie mistake and move forward. Don't worry there will be plenty of Christian bashing opportunities ahead of you so that you can feel really good about who you are!

Once again welcome.



Ok....well I'm 31, was born in Iowa, grew up in California and this isn't my first post. SO exactly how does this apply to me? Checking facts is always good before you open your mouth.

Finest poster? You are telling me that a bigot is the best we got? Really? I didn't look him up, maybe he makes Samuel Silvio look like Mary Poppins but a bigot is a bigot. Atheists are "closeted religious" people? How does that even make sense?

I don't have a problem with belief in God. We all gotta do what we think is right. I just don't see that fundamentalist-crazy is the default position. If it is...we are in deep shit.

More on topic - I think American Conservatives confuse being "Right-wing" with being "Right". Teenage pregnancy, theft, murder, rape, poor-education....red states are significantly worse in EVERYONE of these areas and are by a long shot. If Progressiveness is genetic it's clearly a step in the right direction.


^^ This is what happens when you grow up in California. You lost all credibility once you mentioned that. I would not be surprised if you attended Berkeley too, but I might be being too intellectually generous with that.


LOL What's next - Yo Mama jokes? You can do better! Hey I also spent 5 years in Madison, WI...5 years in Phoenix, AZ not to mention several years travelling throughout Mexico, Canada and Europe. Does that gain me 2pts of cred for the farm belt, 5 for the hot-bed of immigrant bashing and...nope I lost all points for leaving the USA for more than 30 days...damn. Without your high regard I just don't know how I'll sleep tonight!! :smiley:

Seriously - Max, Zeb, do you really think that someone with minority views (like Atheism, commonsense etc...) can make it through life without laughing at the little things? If one is going to speak of credibility you may want to consider how little you have while sticking up for someone bragging about being a bigoted hick.


Nah. Earnest I may be. But I have the attention span of a horny teenage boy (and for much of the same reasons!)... I put my two cents in, I might respond, but trash talking-heads just aren't interesting! Especially with all the actual cool people I've come across competing for my time! :slightly_smiling:


And now for a boringly grown-up moment...

This article is laughable on so many levels I don't know where to start. For one thing, (and most damnably) it conflates political categories with biological behavior. (Our categories for "liberal" and "conservative" are home-grown American ones that can easily have their vintage traced to the later 1970's or early 1980's -- far too recent a timespan for some sort of meaningful restructuring of the gene pool.) The researchers talk about risk taking as if it were "liberals" alone -- anyone ever hear of corporate raiders, who stereotypically are playing hot, fast and loose with huge amounts of money? I'm just saying that grabbing your favorite set of stereotypes (in this case that "conservatives" are all anal retentive and sexually/emotionally inhibited) and mixing in some questionable research (risk taking only works if your friends do it sounds a lot more like it is environmental, rather than intrinsic) can lead to all sorts of interesting results (ok, not results, how about bolstering foregone conclusions).

Buying into such an argument at any level shows you've lost the fight people.

And as always, I might just be full of shit...

-- jj


So, when it finally hits you that you simply didn't get the joke, and that, indeed, the meaning of the post went sailing over your head, will Sloth still be a bigot? And what will it make you?