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Is Lean Cuisine a Good Choice?


My girlfriend is starting working out/cutting seriously now that summer is on. She bought a bunch of lean cuisines and is using one for lunch and dinner. My cutting knowledge is limited (hardgainer...) but I am curious if this is a mistake? One note...She tends to have very low metabolism/small appetite to begin with.

Also, does anyone know where I could find a simple HIIT program for her? I know i have read at least 2 in T-Mag in the last 2 years...having trouble finding them/not sure if those would be the simplest for her.

thanks a lot,


Women are trouble... :wink:

If you start telling her how to eat or that she doesn't eat enough she'll think you are mental, even if you are right.

Tell her to look into ways to raise her metabolism through nutrition and exercise. If she starts to think that she needs to eat different/more before you try to talk about it, you'll have a chance.


Is Lean Cuisine a Good Choice?




yeah, right up there with 'diet' breakfast burritos and 'diet' pizza pockets...

maybe after dinner she could throw in some 'diet' snickers bar flavor ice-cream...


Ha, I 'might' have used to work for a firm that made Lean Cuisine under the brand used here (if its still exists) and the chicken was hen meat. That means its not Grade A chicken but its an old boiler hen who spend her short life laying eggs then carked it.


the only good thing about frozen meals or frozen dinners for that matter is that for people who have a tendency to over eat, they teach the idea of what a portion size really is.


Nothing about a lean cuisine is a good idea. They are loaded with sodium! Teach her the basic ideas behind eating clean. Explain to her that she wants to have great lean protein, tons of veggies and good carbs. If she is choosing lean cuisine because its fast and easy she could cook enough for a few meals all at once and eat leftovers for lunch. Anything would be better than frozen salted carbs.


buy gourmet nutrition and show her pics of Jilly etc from this site losing loads of BF


lol well tell me this, if lean cusine and power bars arent a good choice why then does Ellington Darden reccomend them in his book the new HIT?

i'm being sarcastic yes, but im not joking on the fact he really reccomends this garbage



yes, a winning Darden combo...lean cuisine, power bars, and bowflex...

Darden's out to make a buck by pitching shlock and he's armed with the powerful knowledge that a sucker and his money are soon parted...