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Is Laser Eye Surgery Safe?


I have noticed my up-close vision has degenerated a bit but not so much that I’ve required any type of correction. I can still read newsprint 6" from my face.

I don’t know enough about my two friends histories to add anything else to those stories.


That is with correction in place, or your ‘naked eyes’?

Edit: What I’m getting at is, if you have refractive lens exchange–in essence, cataract surgery before you develop cataracts–you will lose the ability to accommodate, that is, to spontaneously focus on objects at near. Mind you, you’re going to lose it no matter what, and at 45, you’re going to lose it sooner rather than later (if you haven’t lost it already). You will also lose your built-in ability to focus at near. That is, as a -5.25D myope, your eyes are naturally in focus at a distance of ~7 inches (18 cm) without glasses. That will go away, as you will trade being in focus at 7 inches for being in focus at distance.

So what about your near vision? You will have multiple options in that regard, but none are ideal, and all involve trade-offs. We can talk about that if you want (and if @raoh1990 doesn’t mind the semi-relevant derail).


@EyeDentist no problem for me :slight_smile:


Right now I’m in clinic for my pre-surgery visit. I hope it will be ok…


All done! THE DAY is february 13th. I’ll keep you updated! I’m so happy :grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning:


I got mine done when I was 18, 3 years later everything is still great. good luck man


Thank you mate! I can’t wait to be free :smiley:


Hello @EyeDentist,thank you for your response. I had read it at the time but didn’t acknowledge it and wanted to let you know I appreciated it.

My near vision is good to 8 -10" or so uncorrected. I’ll probably get readers next summer for certain tasks. A few weeks ago I was switching to snow tires and lubing my suspension and banged my head in the wheel well trying to get far enough away from a zerk fitting to see it.

I’ve handled the graying and balding with aplomb, and stay on top of the ear and nose hair but having to wear corrective reading lenses may just be the last straw…


@EyeDentist I just read the sheet that the surgeon gave me with all Femtolasik risks. I was aware of almost all of them but one took my attention: the possibility that I will need correction lens for close vison after the surgery. I’m 27 years old, so presbyopia should be far… Is this a risk even for me? I’m a little scared of this…


The sheet was boilerplate; ie, a generic list of risks. Unless there’s something exceedingly unusual about your eyes, I would not expect you to become presbyopic until you are well within your 40s (and by that time, we may even have a treatment for it). However, as with any and all concerns, you should raise this one directly with your surgeon.


Thank you very much, I’ve called my surgeon and he explained to me all things very well. Now I only have to wait until mid february :smiley:


On my way for the clinic! I’ll have to drive 6 hours to reach it… I’m so excited!


Good luck and God speed.


All done! Incredible how fast It has been! Now I’m in my hotel room, tomorrow I have the control check… A little pain in my right eye but hope it’ll heal until tomorrow morning. I’ll keep you updated!


On my way for the control check. In 2 hours I’ll be in my car coming back home!


Yes!!! All done!!! Now my sight is 12/10!!! I’m very happy!!!


Glad it went well. So happens my daughter had it done last Monday. Other than the standard post-op dry eyes, she’s doing fine.


Very good news, I wish the best to your daughter! Thanks!