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Is Ketotifen Needed on Albuterol?


I'm currently on my first Clen cycle and running zaditen(ketotifen) with it so I can do 4 weeks straight rather than 2 off 2 on. If I run Albuterol in a few months as I want to compare the two then would I need the same for that or can you just simply run a 4 week albuterol cycle?


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run it with albuterol as well. it doesn’t affect the receptors as fast (due to shorter half-life), though…


Cheers mate since you seem to be a Clen / Albuterol user how would you advise running Albuterol with the Ket? I am currently on Clen as per my other post you answered, but plan on running Albuterol soon to compare, how long would you leave it in between to get the fairest comparison?


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I never heard of running clen/albuterol together that sounds stupid and wasteful. but wat do I know.


I weren’t suggesting running both together I am now finishing clen plan to have gap and then run some albuterol which I was asking about