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Is K-Mart KIDDING????

Most Holiday commercials are pretty cool…FUNNY actually…so it’s all good…

But what is up with K-Mart and “Joe Boxer???” HE’S DRIVING ME CRAZY!!!

Is this guy gyrating in boxers, looking like he is having a SEIZURE supposed to bring them out of Chapter-11???

Good Luck!..(Dayum…and they HAD to use a brother, didn’t they? Have you EVER seen a brother dancing like that???)



Oh my god…he is soooo funny, but seriously he does dance like a white dude.hahaha,not to insult my man, but that’s what makes him funny.They could stop playing it every 30 seconds,though.

I guess K-Mart is trying to shatter stereotypes. Yes, I have seen a brother dance like that…Erkel.

That comercial has raised some people’s hackles. They feel it has a “Stepin Fetchit minstrel show” quality. Personally, I think it’s just a goofy looking guy dancing in his underwear.

I have never seen this commercial, however I do remember reading an article about K mart using Spike Lee to help bail them out of bankruptcy by directing some of their commercials. Go figure.

I just saw the commercial a little while ago. I thought it was hysterical.Sorry Mufasa, but I HAVE seen ‘brothers’ dance like that snicker

The guys name is Vaughn Lowery. When he auditioned for the part, he just took down his pants and started dancing. Seems like he has a cult following and has a web site. Only in America!!


You’re right…only in America…!!!

(…damn…I’m having NIGHTmares…can’t get “…dew, dew, dew-do…dew, dew, dew-do…” out of my head…or a brother lookin’ like Bill Gates, DRUNK, doing the “Funky Chicken”…)

Ohhh…the pain…!!!