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Is Justice Blind?



An adult has sex with a 14 year old and gets off (pardon the pun) with out any prison time. There is no way that would ever happen if it were an adult man instead of a hot woman.


No, justice is not blind.

I've heard many jurors and lawyers say something along the lines of "The defendant didn't even look like he was sorry for what he did. He could have gotten a smaller sentence if he showed remorse..."

I don't understand why you are expected to show up dressed a certain way and speak with respect towards the judge and the court.

A person should be tried only with the facts and evidence against him/her. There's too much gray area in our laws. The jurors shouldn't even be allowed to look at or hear the voice of the prosecutor or the defendant.

Some people sweat more while under a little bit of stress and some can be calm and cool under very stressful situations, and unfortunately the way a person acts while sitting there in court has bearing on his/her sentencing or even the jurors' decision if he/she is guilty.


The double standard that is present here is something we've argued on here several times. It exists and thats it. Its cultural and will take generations to change.

What bothers me about this case the most, though, is not that the fact that she took a plea, or was given a plea and got no time. It's what arguement her attorney used.

He claimed she was too attractive to go to prison. I quote:

"To place an attractive young woman in that kind of hell hole is like putting a piece of raw meat in with the lions," Lafave's attorney, John Fitzgibbons, said in July of the possibility of jail time. "I'm not sure she would survive."

So we now have a precadent where the attractiveness of the defendant is grounds for a plea to include no prison time. Notice, this was not a case of a jury not sending someone attractive to the pen. That has happened before and attorneys rely on it. This was a judge accepting this, and a DA agreeing with it.

Does anyone think a guy could could get away with this plea? Even one as pretty as Chris 'Pretty Boy' Shugart? I think not. And if a Judge took the plea on those grounds, vicims advocates would be calling for his head and balls on a pike pole along with the offenders.
But since the precadent exists, we will one day see a guy try and say "Judge, I look too good, and will be someones playtoy if you put me in prison." And he'll have this ruling to go to bat with.

SO, now along with the reasons of good health and looking good naked, we can workout and train in hopes it will keep us out of prison.


To answer your question, YES, justice is very blind and almost always has been.


She committed a crime? I thought she fulfilled a fantasy. My bad.


Exactly, im 15, looking at her, it would be great if that happened to me.


Cases like this have been mentioned before on these forums, and every time a female teacher has sex with a minor, she is always hot!


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Another new case, but the surprising thing is this stat.

"The 37-year-old Arkansas woman is the 3,496th teacher to be arrested this year on charges that she had sex with an underage student..."


Damn! If I only had the balls to put the moves on some of my teachers back in the day...

I did have many fond thoughts of a few teachers though.