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Is JTF Right? Hmmm...


"HERE IS A LIST of Obamaâ??s leading â??czars,â?? (all Zionist Jews save one), and their Zionist agenda to install a Zionist inspired socialist system in Americaâ??s government:

Economic Czar - Larry Summers. Director of Obamaâ??s National Economic Council. A Zionist Jew, Summers served as President of Harvard University from 2001 to 2006.

Regulatory Czar - Cass Sunstein. Director of Obamaâ??s Office of Regulatory Affairs. A Zionist Jew, Sunstein joined the faculty of the Zionist-run Harvard Law School and began serving as the director of its Program on Risk Regulation

Guantanamo/Military Jails Czar - Daniel Fried. Appointed by Obama to plead â??individual war on terror detainee casesâ?? while ostensibly working to close Guantanamo Bayâ??s US torture & detention camp.

A Zionist Jew and Clinton retread, Fried is currently the State Departmentâ??s Assistant Secretary for Europe and Eurasian Affairs, responsible for the division that handles NATO enlargement and coordination with the European Union on the war on terror.

Car Czar - Steven Rattner. Director of Obamaâ??s Presidential Task Force on the Auto Industry. Rattner is a Zionist Jew and former executive with three Jewish banks: Lehman Brothers, Morgan Stanley, and Lazard Freres."


There's a lot more of these guys and just about all have the same 'creds'.

Just The Facts...seems like you had the facts.


Yes the jews are a secretive cult trying to take over the whole world.
Seeing we can't do anything about it (they have mind control) we should be focusing on making sure people don't think we are good fighters when we aren't.


Please let us know, HH: Is Obama a Zionist; or is he a Muslim or Muslim sympathizer/kowtower.

Enquiring minds want to know.



Maybe they are conspiring together to kill the white race.


He's a Kenyan ursurper who's been brainwashed by reverend Wright.


I think he's neither/none. I think he got hired by George Soros because he's got so many dirty ties back in Chicago (esp with Tony Rezko) that he's easily controlled.

The point is: why is Obama hiring so many people of the Jewish faith, who are also allegedly Zionists, to be all these mini-dictators? Are there no highly intelligent black people, hispanics, asians, who would be just as capable?

If 1% of a population gets 15/16 jobs, it raises questions. Is that a wrong thing?


But who has brainwashed Wright?


Who exactly isn't a Zionist in Washington?


HH you got it wrong, again. The Zionist movement is just a front to hide the real Jews, the Illuminati lizard jews who live in the center of the earth and create earthquakes with their drums.

Alos, the Apollo Program was a hoax. And magic is real.


A gay vegetarian muslim zionist.


And an atheist. they were in cahoots.


A crippled affirmative action atheist, no doubt.


What is wrong with Jewish people?


They read too much.


Nothing whatsoever. I am simply curious about the overwhelming proportion of Zionist Jews (note the word 'zionist') who obtained jobs that are being overseen by no one but BHO. And these jobs are titled 'czar'. Should they be titled 'commissar'?

If 15/16 jobs had gone to asians or fundie Christians, wouldn't questions be asked?


At least it will mean that you're close alliance with Israel and it's decisions will continue.


Who eats bacon wrapped shellfish.


Yeah but the US is doing everything in it's power to piss off Isreal.



That's why Israel is the first recipient of US aid, vetoes, etc.

And the worst part, is that the US keeps silent about Israel's nuclear arsenal, and appointing staunch Zionists for high profiles in Washington.


"Don't talk like that. When people criticize Zionists, they mean Jews. You're talking Anti-Semitism."
--M L King.

That dysLixy revels in this particular bigotry comes as no surprise. He knows nothing about the particular beliefs of the individuals named in the piece of crap post HH dragged from the sewer of a website. (What bounds has that delinquent mind?). But dysLixy knows enough..they are Jews and they must be evil Jews in a corporate cabal.

DysLixy cannot escape the sewer himself. Its every post reeks of it--every post that proves him a craven liar of the lowest order. (is it October already? So soon?)