Is Joe Rogan Right About Sauna Benefits?

She’s not a professor at USC but she does have a PHD and is a guru when it comes to sauna health benefits among other things.

Thank you! It has been quite a long time.

That’s an interesting question and one I’m afraid there’s no current answer for in the literature. My best speculative guess would be that it would allow for a greater increase in lipolysis but the main question is whether that would lead to substantially increased lipid oxidation or not, which is what would determine the decrease in fat mass. Certainly the increased energy expenditure from the sauna has to utilize some form of fuel but whether that’s oxidation of lipids or ketone bodies in a ketogenic state, I don’t know. At least under standard diet conditions it appears lipid oxidation isn’t increased. See:

Well as a Finn and a guy who goes to sauna 2-3 times a week and living in a culture where the sauna has been around for centuries. I can with a hard earned experience tell you that being 15 minutes in a sauna post workout has helped me recover from very hard training faster. I also have observed that my friends who use the sauna daily, rarely have any sicknesess like flu or influenza. I don’t heat the sauna all the way up to 80-100 degrees celsius, I enjoy the little more humid “löyly” with less heat and dryer air.


Rogan might have picked up his affinity for saunas from interviews with Rhonda Patrick.

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