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Is Japanese Gear Legal?


Is gear legal in Japan? Been researching and can't get a clear answer. Anyone living in Japan that can help out? Thanks in advance.


I believe it is illegal, but not criminal. There are a couple of people on these forums from Japan, most notably Cortes, who purchase powder and brew their own in Japan. Cortes outlines some of the details in his 'Test/Tren/Dbol/G6 Cycle' thread. You can find it in the 'Best of the Steroids Forum' sticky on this forum.



It's not illegal to possess, but it's illegal to sell. Also, needles are illegal, so that's the trickiest part.


Thanks for the input. I'm currently in Japan and info is hard to find. Thanks again.


I was never 100% sure of the legality of it there.

A true story though, I knew a guy from New York who wound up kicking the crap out of a low-ranking Yakuza ("Chimpira"). Long story short, the Yakuza guy was smacking around a hostess girl in public and the guy I knew took exception to it.

Anyway, he wound up fucking him up pretty badly. Turns out the guy had both his jaw and one orbital socket broken.

The cops raided his house and completely gutted it from top to bottom, presumably looking for drugs or anything else that would make their case stronger against him. He had about 200 vials of Test E from Iran that the cops just left alone. Unsure as to whether or not he had any needles at the time.


I guess my next question is has anyone had any issues with mail orders from overseas sources. I've found older threads stating there were no issues other than a tax if box was opened and inspected but those threads are a bit old. Since I'm new here I can't PM anyone so until then I appreciate any info that is given.


You can't import finished injectables. Well, you can try. If customs notices the items you will get a letter asking you to provide documentation showing a legit need and medical import approval from the appropriate Ministry. If said documentation is not provided the items will be destroyed and you will be asked to not do that again.

Pills, powders, and transdermals are all ok as long as they are labled so they can't be mistaken for amphetamine or opiates. Amphetamine and similar will get you tossed in a dark hole eating fish heads for the next 25 years.

For the record, gear isn't perfectly legal there, but no one really cares.


Wow. What ever happened to him? I've never seen that kind of aggression in public while living here.


That's a good point. I've got no intentions of bringing in that kind of stuff. However a lot of sources also provide ephedrine which is illegal for sure. It would be a bad day it that stuff got mixed in my order by mistake.

On the other hand, you can get ephedrine OTC here. Go figure.


Haven't read the thread, but here is the quick and dirty and this is not just what somebody thinks they know, this is the actual legal status of the various stuff I'm about to cover:

AAS: Completely, perfectly legal. All of it. Officially, you are only supposed to be able to import a one month's supply, but customs has absolutely no clue what this is. They also really don't care.

Importation includes powders. Whatever you want, if you can get it through customs, it's yours. This is where things get tricky:

Anything in a vial (anything injectable) requires a script. You won't get one in Japan. Trust me, you won't. So, if the AAS you order from overseas gets seized, you won't get in trouble, but you will not receive what you ordered and you'll be out that money and AAS. Sucks to be you. This goes for peptides, as well. They come in a vial? Better hope customs doesn't open them.

Needles are EXTREMELY regulated. VERY, very hard to get through customs and, again, without a doctor's script in this nanny-ass no-personal-responsibility nobody-can-be-trusted-to-do-anything-for-themselves country you are not getting one. You're not.

Now, having lived here for ten years, I can tell you there are ways around ALL of these problems, that I have worked out. I have absolutely no issues whatsoever.

But then, working out the answers to these riddles took a LOT of time and a LOT of effort and a LOT of money and a LOT of trial and error and networking. So don't expect me to just give you the answers to all of this beyond what I've offered so far. Sorry.


EB sums it up nicely.

Long time no talk, brother. (^^)v


They don't care about needles, either, if you happen to have them. Don't ask how I know but I have a very similar story that also includes both used and unused needles, mounds of powder, close to a hundred 10ml vials plus any number of other size vials. The cop asked what it was and said, "Oh," and kept on looking for the other stuff he was looking for.


The guy wasn't a friend of mine, I just knew him through the gym. Not sure what happened to him, as I changed jobs (and cities) shortly after the incident.


BTW, thanks again for the help guys. I’ll admit I’ve felt a bit sluggish the past year. I searched within my city for a doctor that would check my lipids. After months of searching I found a doc just five minutes from my house. Had my blood checked and what do you know? I was in the basement low.

He’s got me on shots and some other stuff to help get the natural juices going. Some kind of Chinese medicine. We’ll see where this leads but as always I’ll keep searching for options. I’ll tell you right now it’s a bit pricy but at least I’m on the right track. Should have done this sooner!


LOL @ Chinese medicine…good luck with that


[quote]VTBalla34 wrote:
LOL @ Chinese medicine…good luck with that[/quote]

Exactly! And he said it with a straight face too.


Anti-aging clinics are actually starting to pop up in Japan. The thing is that a lot of them are geared completely towards women. There are, however, at least one or two that I noticed that seem to have services for “male appearance and virility” issues.

If you live in Osaka or Tokyo and can search in Japanese (or have someone who can help you search) then you might find something that might actually get you a script.


Thanks again for everyone’s input. I’ll let this be my last entry for this thread unless people keep it going. My luck with the local doctor ran out. That I figured on anyway. Having the determined wife I have, to know the facts and keep me out of a pinch, she called the head of the Ministry of whatever it’s called here in Japan.

What Cortes and the others have said is true. If its a pill, tablet, or powder its good to go. If it requires a needle forget it.

And here is the part that perked my ears. They are apparently pissed with the local suppliers. Not just the sources but buyers as well and are busting people more so than in the past. The reason is, it is legal to import up to one a month’s supply for personal use without a script but not to trade, give, or sale. Just as others have said. I don’t know how strict they are actually enforcing this. But, even if you can get the raw powders you still have to figure out how to shoot the stuff which will require a script.

They will allow a script from an American or Japanese doctor for import. I’m still working on that. Just present the script if and when it gets stopped by customs. There are plenty of overseas sources for everything you need. I didn’t want to start my own production line but I guess that leaves me no choice. Homebrew it is.


I’m not a bodybuilder but I recently had some health problems and narrowed it down to hormones, got a test done and my testosterone is very low (304 ng/dl). If this were America, I’d be on TRT, but it’s Japan and like you guys said it’s impossible here. So I’m in the same boat.


I’m still trying with the doctor. I got a new one at a university hospital.