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Is Jackass 3D Considered Art?


just want to know peoples opinions on this, since i've been hearing people referring to this as "art" on movie forums. I enjoyed the movie, but i wouldn't go as far as to call it art.


Everything is considered art now. You can shit on a canvas and call it art. So yes.


Come on man! Of course it is art. It has Jared Allen with one of the most legit mullets I have ever seen in my life in it. If that's not art, I don't know what is.


I cannot wait to see this movie stoned off my tits.


spongebob is technically art.

there was an 'art exhibit' in costa rica where a guy chained a stray dog inside a cube and then the guests were supposed to watch it starve to death. he was calling it a thought provoking peice to make people think about mortality. but in reality he was a lazy asshole.

jackass isnt art. its a bunch of guys that were very lucky and stupid at the same time.


And the guy was savagedly beaten and had his skin slowly pulled from his body by the fellows on your avatar,right?


Whether or not you call it art depends on what your standard for "art" is. To me, Jackass in general isn't art, although I haven't seen 3D yet so I can't speak for that one. But I fucking love Jackass! It doesn't meet my criteria for art, but that doesn't change the fact that I think Jackass is absolutely hysterical and although it doesn't take a whole lot of intellect to come up with some of the ideas, some of the ideas are outright brilliant. Like the one in Jackass 2 where they have the "groupie letter" taped to the door with the boxing glove on the other side of it. And who can deny the comedic genius involved in swallowing multiple goldfish and then puking them back up into a fishbowl?


I think it was a coyote, I think he was locked inside the box with him for a long period of time, and I don't think he actually let the thing die.

As ridiculous as contemporary art gets, almost none of it is as stupid as people make it out to be.


They make you laugh. They manipulate you. They have a creative vision that they fullfill. They have a larger body of work that each film responds to. They invest time and thought and planning into their product. Many people each with unique, specialized and hard earned skills all collaborate to entertain you for 90 minutes. Just because its juvenile doesn't mean that there isn't a whole lot of craft invested in it.

What more is there?


I would call jackass more art than half the shit I saw at the MOMA in NYC... the only cool art exhibit i've seen is tim burton's art exhibit at the MOMA back in december

art to me is about entertainment... sometimes it provokes thought... but sometimes u just wanna sit on ure ass and zombie out...


the one i read about was just a stray dog in an exhibit box, and i think animal cruelty stepped in before it stopped. that shit isnt art.


No, but they should have.


what gallery space would host that idiocy?