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Is it Wrong?


Okay, so given all the helpful advice everybody gives on the forums I thought maybe we could start a chain that solicits further advice/support/rejection related to questions/quandaries that trouble us at the gym or otherwise. All post should begin with 'is it wrong?'

I'll start with my question:

Is it wrong that I have the hot trainer at the gym spot me when I know there's a good chance that the weight is too much for her to assist with? Did I mention she's smoking hot and that when she spots me for some reason she stands right over top of my head (I cant explain how I am able to maintain my arch and actually be able to see the bar as I'm pressing it) so I've got a nice view of the thong or less she's wearing?

Is it wrong?



Since you usually only need a little bit of help to complete a rep then continue to work with her. if you start working up to heavy doubles or singles then do it some other time with a buddy.
Save her for sub-maximal days.

God if I had a nickel for every time I used that last sentence.


I wish hot girls would get me to spot them more often. I did have a figure athlete ask me to spot her on the bench and pull ups. I played volleyball with her son. Super hot MILF.


Is it wrong that you didn't post a pic of her ass with your question?


I'll work on that...although it'll be difficult to take the photo and hold the bar at the same time :wink:


Do your best


recruit a friend to snap the pic. Adapt, overcome, get the ass shot.


She gave you a spot and you havnt banged her yet?

The fucks wrong with you?


OP, no offence, but you are a fucking moron. This hot girl stands over your head with a thong or less on and you cop an eyeful. That shit ain't random. She is looking for you to make a move.