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Is it Worthy?


I saw a video on youtube where a "former bodybuilder" spoke on the use of anabolic steroids. He said that regardless of the cycle we, do and PCT, we always lose the gains sooner or later.

I did 5 cycles in my life, and truth be told, despite the variations of strength and weight just always go back to little more weight and physic condition pre cycles.
After all, making a cycle is really only that momentarily physical condition ? How to get after all the gains?

Thank you


If you don't eat properly, and train properly then yes you'll lose your gains. My suspicion is that you suck at eating and training and the AAS would help you look great while you were on but then afterwards you went back to your crappy routine and now you are here trying to make yourself feel better. Justifying your losses not by your actions but by the logic of a "former bodybuilder" on the internet.


I keep my gains.

I must be special.

I've always suspected.


What definition of "special" are we using here?


special like a rainbow over niagra. Not special like wears a helmet to school


LOL! man, you've had some good one-liners lately...


lol, I didn't come up with that, heard it on here years ago in another thread. I'm a banter magpie