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Is it Worth Taking N.O Xplode for Me?


Im 18 in a weeks time. I've taken many multivitamins and omega 3s, Rapid Fire, Fighter's Food, Ripped Freak, Razor 8, Creatine, Iso-Protein, Whey-Gainer, and 1MR. Seems to me like I've tried many things but Im a bit worried about N.O. After seeing my friend on it for quite sometime, he got huge no doubt, an amazing 6 pack was shown, 'veiny' look, and pretty good definition as well as strength. Im only 168lbs and around 5'9. What will this this supplement do to me?

Will I get a nice 6 pack too that is visible without me putting in the flex or do I have to go leaner in my diets? Should I do Crossfit workouts to help the N.O? or just hit the powerlifts. I do want a 'veiny' look and great abs, I've been chasing this for quite some time now. I've heard people had kidney problems and gotten stretch marks. I don't want to bloat huge, I want great definition and strength. Any suggestions on different supplements instead of N.O? Am I a valid candidate?

  • The picture is of my body non-flexed.


On the off chance that you're not trolling, try lifting weights and not eating crap.

A secret very few people seem to know about.

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You don't need supplements just a strict diet.


^This. If you want the "veiny" look go get some arginine and drink 3 gallons of water a day. All NO-Explode is going to do is fuck up the ceramic on your toilet.


non-flexed ???? omg


Don't waste your money on N.O right now. Get some quality protein instead. More protein + less fat + lifting weights = lean mass


What what?

First, don't buy NO products EVER. It's a fucking scam, Christ.

Second, less fat? That is very stupid.


Uh, no. How about 1.2-1.5g/lb LBM for Pro, .5-.7/lb LBM for Fat, and rest for Carbs to equal total Kcals. The lower carb or even cyclical carb approach with higher good fat combined with heavy compound movements = Lean Mass.


The guy is chubby, pretty sure he would benefit from less "bad" fat in his diet.
I never said no fat, just said less fat..... Don't assume the guy doesn't live down the road from a mcdonalds.....

We know that you still need fats in your diet so your body wont use protein for energy.

My main statement was..... Get some quality protein instead of N.O


try to start lifting some weights before doing all that.


I'm calling troll.

On the off chance I'm wrong, you don't need an NO explode product, a decent whey will be half the price and will be a far wiser buy.

Also coffee taste better for pre workout buzz.

This is a Biotest site so Spike is worth a mention too.


You need some Adrenal Fatigue fighters STAT.


Itll give you an energy boost before a workout, no doubt. Thats it. if you wanna spend 45 bucks for a few weeks worth of extra energy at the gym, knock yourself out. Caffeine is a hell of a lot cheaper and does the same thing.


tried it - it just made me sweaty and horny... i dont think it helped my lifts.


for me, pre workout supps are like going to a TOOL concert vs going to a TOOL concert stoned.




According to rouguevampire once you take N.O. Explode (and aspirin) you will no longer be considered a natural lifter. Are you ready to take that punge? ARE YOU!?


Its true. It turns you into a tunnel dwelling mutant.


if you wanted to take an N.O. supplement they're are better ones out there, a lot of them are classified by sporting leagues as stimulants however, its really not a big deal, but like the others i think they are a waste, i felt much better after i stopped taking them. spend the money on protein and/or creatine bro. just get some caffeine before your workouts, lots of common sense and actual studies to support pre-workout caffeine


I dn't really like NO products. We have very nasty shit from a local company, and I hate to see that guys buy their first NO-supp before stepping in the gym for the first time. They literally start every workout of theirs with sipping something which is claimed to "give incredible pump and vascularity", boys up from age of 14.

Sme of them can't even do a pushup, let alone a pullup, but yet, they're taking these NO supps, and ofc doing cable crossovers. No wonder they abandon training after a few months without noticing any changes. ^^

There are thousand times better ways to spend money.