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Is it worth $75?


I found this on craigslist. The guy is selling this along with 2 45lb plates plus a bar for $75. Since I have the tools and ability to sand it down, repaint, and weld whatever the hell I want onto it, I figured it may be worth it. What do you guys think? I dont have a power or squat rack yet so this looked cheap enough to use for now.


Isn't one 45 = at least 50$ ?
So, I'd say that if the bar doesn't bend at a few hundred lbs's it's an incredible deal.
Otherwise (if the bar does bend) it's a great deal.



Even if it does bend (it will, eventually) it's enough to get you going.




If you have the ability to repair it then yeah it's a great deal and can get you by until your ready to upgrade.


I assume you are going to use it to do curls?


Thanks guys. I just got in contact with him and got it. The two 45lb plates make it even better. And of course its for curls. I just have to get me a underarmour shirt and some gloves with the fingers cut off.


Looks like a steal to me. Only problem I could see is if the safety rails are too high to let you squat to depth. It's worth it just for the bar and plates, even if it's a shit bar you can still do rack pulls or shrugs or something with it that would normally beat up a bar.


That really was my only fear. Its hard to see how high the rails set. We already made a deal so Ill have to take it anyway. If it does become a problem, I can cut em off and weld them to a more appropriate level.


The safety looks to be set at about twice the height of a 45 plate which would put it at approximately 35". I'm 5'6" and can squat to depth with pins at 32". If you don't have time to cut and weld the safeties, throw some plywood down and raise your own height. I think it's an awesome deal.

A couple years ago I spent $400 on an old adjustable rack and texas power bar. I have never regretted it. They're both used extensively.


Good ideas. At 5'10", it may work without any changes. We will see.


awesome curl setup. get it !


It looks like you'll have a long way to walk-out your squat. But for $75 it's not a bad deal.