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Is it Weird to Be Attracted to Muscular Girls?

Do you think its weird to be attracted to girls like Cassandra Martin for example… it seems like thats the only physique I find attractive. I think she is the best looking girl ever (dead serious) Hahaha I always get chirped about it so what do you guys think. Some people say its basically gay but I dont think thats true. Thanks for any reply guys. Also what would be the best chance to get a girl like her?

Yes, you need to get your eyes tested:slight_smile:

Seriously, if a girl is on more steroids than you, don’t bother.

Pretty face tbf. With those gains…


hahha but seriously do you think she is attractive?

you dont find her attractive at all?

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Close your eyes it’ll feel the same

come on bro… be serious im low key freaking out

Damn dude. I think you need to see a doctor. You might have a bad case of Trollitis disease.

no man im being dead serious… god this is not a good sign if you think im joking :frowning:

I wasnt joking either. Trollitis is a disease dating back to WW1&2 when the weird lust for muscly women came apparent.

It all began when there was a short supply of males in the workforce (due to them being sent to war) so women had to do all the jobs including hard labour work. This unfortunately had an unforseen consequence for the women- those with the genetics for it got all muscly and disgusting.

The men who came back from war were starved of women and sex basically, and since the women got all muscly this is the standard there society adapted to. Nowadays it is unacceptable to lust after muscly girls. Therefore, the “Trollitis disease” global epidemic started.

You need to see a doctor real quick before its too late!


whatever man… this is supposed to be a serious question

Only one real way to tell: Would you be excited or disappointed if she took her pants off and she had a penis?


Bang who you want, none of us really care.


If he banged the president, I’d be pretty interested lol


Like I said if her face looks like that after the juice she’d be gorgeous as before.

As is now she’d smash me not the other way around and guinea pigs are pretty fragile so it wouldn’t turn out well

I googled that Cassandra Martin chick and she’s hotter than the sun.

The muscles wouldn’t be my first choice, but I’m willing to bet everyone in this thread, including myself, has had sex with way uglier girls than that.


Who cares!!!

No, it’s not weird.

That’s no big deal. Taste is highly specific. There are some girls that I can acknowledge are absolutely gorgeous, but for whatever reason I’m not that attracted to (i.e. some skinny women have really nice features, but frankly I prefer a girl with a little muscle on her as well).

I don’t think that’s an unreasonable position.

It’s not “gay” for a male to be attracted to a muscular woman.

It’s “gay” to be attracted to someone of the same sex (and there is nothing wrong with that, by the way).

Uh, be more like Channing Tatum?


Muscle girls are awesome sauce . And Cass Martin is a babe

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Sometimes I get all lusty over a certain type of ‘ugly’ girl. You know I feel like something different like saggy boobs or nerdy face or redheads… It may be weird but if it’s not hurting anyone, who cares?