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Is It Too Soon to Start This New Cycle?

I just recently finished a 14 week cycle of 500 test 350 deca and 40 of anavar (a day for the anavar of course) about a month ago. Had blood work done right when I finished and everything was pretty good only thing is liver enzymes were slightly elevated but that’s to be expected given the anavar.

I’ve always really wanted to try tren so I wanted to jump on a 10 week cycle of tren 200mg a week and the 500 of test. I am on TRT so I won’t be needing any PCT or anything. Also 500 is what I stay on as far as test goes. It keeps my levels at 1500. I do require more than most people as far as test goes When I started 150 only brought my levels to 419. 250 only brought them to 600.

Also I’ve done all the research and all that but what do you guys think I can expect from running 200mg of tren compared to my last cycle of deca and anavar? I’m a powerlifter/strongman goals are size and strength.

What do you think? is a month too short to jump right back onto another cycle? How long would you guys suggest?

These are all personal choices sir. If you’re not worried about HPTA recovery and other bloods look good why not. Just realize the more often and longer you’re “on” the more detrimental it is to cardiac health.

cruise for as long as you blast. If your first cycle was 18 weeks then you need to be cruising for 18 weeks to let your body reset