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Is It Too Much to Ask?

Is it too much to ask…that with 1 freakin’ week leading up to the election…that we can just vote AND BE DONE WITH IT?

No revelations…no e-mails…no pu**y…no Wieners…no "She’s Horrible/“He’s Horrible”…

No FBI, Justice Department, Generals, Intelligence Community, DOJ, Hypocrites, Criminals, ISIS, Benghazi, Stern, Pigs, …

“Lock her Up/He’s Unstable”…screaming, shouting,…

…Lions and Tigers and Bears, oh My…?

(A guy can wish, I guess…)

(I’ve voted, by the way…how about all of you?)

Its an old Clinton tradition. Deny, delay, attack the messenger, delay,delay. Its old news lets move on. And everyone lies not just the Clinton’s. Like Bill before her, it works, but it is not fast and it never goes away. It took 20 years before most people finally figured out that Bill was not a player, he was an abuser. It would be nice if one day we stopped standing behind our parties and did not vote for the corrupt. If we would just be a lot more puritanical during the primaries, we would not have these endless scandals.

We have the candidates we deserve. We seem to like scandals and the scandalous.

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Sad, but true, verne…

Take 4 minutes of this with your eyes closed … you will find it trilling

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Still haven’t gotten my ballot…

Already voted in the swing state of Texas.


I love that we have early voting, but for me, nothing beats a traditional vote on election day. I’ll cast mine on November 8.

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No early voting in NY which is bullshit. State workers get the day off paid. I wonder which way they vote?

Personally I take election day off every year (well every other), vote early, and slowly get shitfaced throughout the day. It all culminates with me swearing at the T.V as results come in and then passing out drunk on the couch.


Same here, TB…
Traditionally, I take the day off…vote early…get some breakfast…and spend the day at the Computer and the TV…maybe have a get-together with friends at night…

This year? I just mailed it in… (sigh…)

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Would have made a great slogan for HIllary, :laughing:

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I like that swing state. About as much a swing state as where I live. Washington state would vote Democrat if the election was between Satan the D and Jesus the R. Reverse that and you have Texas

I go in person i heard on you tube they got a mailman throwing away ballots.

DONE! Absentee voter here. Ballot went out this morning, and I felt strangely relieved!! I’m 100% sure that my choice for President will not win, and I’m at peace with that. As the details about the Clinton Machine continue to come out over the next four years, I’ll be able to tell my kids that I didn’t vote for Boss Tweed in her pantsuit or the egomaniac.

I feel like I deserve a medal for wading through 17 ballot initiatives.

My friend is running for the local school board so that’s exciting. There are still some great people in this country who are motivated by the right things. Feeling positive about that part.

And after I put my ballot in the mail, I got to practice my Snatch next to a girl in a Mighty Morphin’ Power Ranger costume. I’m wondering if my lifts would have gone up if I’d gone to the gym dressed as Wonder Woman.

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Dayum. You live in California or something?

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Yep. I’m just here for the weather.

Barbara Boxer’s senate seat is open this year and due to some new CA election laws, we have two Dems on the ballot. The more moderate Loretta Sanchez, and Kamala Harris. Unfortunately, I think we’re about to elect Kamala Harris, who will likely be there for the next 30 years. How to put this nicely. She’s a populist who is nowhere even close to center. Erg…

Under California’s nonpartisan blanket primary law, all candidates appear on the same ballot, regardless of party. In the primary, voters may vote for any candidate, regardless of their party affiliation. In the California system, the top two finishers — regardless of party — advance to the general election in November, even if a candidate manages to receive a majority of the votes cast in the primary election. Washington is the only other state with this system, a so-called “top two primary” (Louisiana has a similar “jungle primary”).

California Attorney General Kamala Harris and U.S. Representative Loretta Sanchez, both Democrats, finished in first and second place, respectively, and will contest the general election. This is the first open seat Senate election in California in 24 years. The winner will be the first minority female senator from California.

A group of friends and I are taking the day off work to watch the results come in live. As I am in a GMT timezone, this will be an all night affair. I have a bottle of Irish whiskey called “Writer’s tears” and I am going to watch the last day of this circus in full.

Given that you have to wake up with one of these cretins in office, I imagine a much more sombre day for you.

That sounds like the most fitting end possible to this election cycle. Bleh


Look on the bright side. The next one cannot possibly be worse.


Maybe find one of those really beautiful cathedrals and say a prayer for us Yanks…even if you’re not religious…we could use all the help we can get.

I will also be drinking whiskey as the results roll in live.

Maybe we should develop a T-Nation “watch party drinking game” thread…