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Is it Too Long? Enough Quantity??

I’m on my week 16…

I use 250 Mg’s Testosterone Enanthate or Cypionate with Boldenone 250 mg’s each 5 days… until week 10…

After the week 10, I’m on 250 mg’s Testosterone Cypionte with 200 mg’s Nandrolone…

Yesterday i introduce some oxandrolone: 40 mg’s.

The results are good, but no so good that I was think after 16 weeks…
I will be ON JUICE 6 weeks more…

Is it enough quantity of AAS?, other people use more miligrams less time with best results… quantity is more important than lenght?

Sorry about my english.

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2500 ui HCG each 4 days the last weeks of anabolics use…with metabolites in my blood.

After that, i will run 20-30 mg’s Nolvadex with Aromasil…and…some Clomid, but i’m not sure.

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Thanks a lot.

I run 500 ui of HCG each 7 days after the first 20 days of my cycle.

But i have a little testicular atrophie after 3 months…and i use some 2500 ui of HCG (a single use, is a very popular ptotocol for some bodybuilders in Spain, for fast action…)but I know the problem with the sensitive Leydig Cells…if I use 2500 ui of HCH, it doesn’t make the same effect…now i’m less sensitive…what can I do?.

In the other hand…i’m not a newbie…but this was an experiment for me…only for view the results of a high lenght, low quantity use of ASS.
The results are bad…too risks, too little sides…and the results aren’t so great.


Rather than repeat everything that Bushy stated all I will tell you is that you should run everything as he has stated to make your transition off much easier on yourself.

Drop your old protocols that you are using as these are much better.

And just to clarify he is stating to use 250iu EOD …not 2500iu.

On top of what has been said already, with such a long cycle, you should definitely check out the Test Taper Protocol thread at the top of the forum.