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Is It Too Late?


Hey guys, I've been lifting consistently for about a year and a half now with semi decent progress. I'm 6' tall and 170 pounds and started at 140. My lifts are bench 190, squat 225, deadlift 315, and ohp 135.
My diet is what really needs work but I try to eat as much protein as I can and eat semi clean.

I'm a program hopper which is what really makes me think my progress isn't as good as it could be if I was consistent. What would you guys recommend for a program? I'd like to see both size and strength so I was thinking of fierce 5, but I didn't know if I was already more than a beginner lifter? I'm able to go to the gym as many times a week as i like because my college finals are over now, so that isn't a factor. Thanks in advance for your suggestions.



5/3/1 works. fierce 5 probably isn’t terrible. I would consider those to be beginner numbers though, so really any program should work fine. Just stop ‘program hopping’, and eat enough. You’re underweight at your height.


I’d definitely go with 5/3/1 and just stick with it. My bench is at 200, my squat 305 and my deadlift 335. I’ve only been in the gym for nearly 4 months. 5/3/1 and eating enough will definitely explode your lifts. I personally like GOMAD along with the program but I’m not worried about leanness at the moment.


Wow.It’s encouraging that you’ve put on that weight,keep that up for sure.I like the idea you’re eating semi-clean,I know of some guys that can’t get any extra weight on unless they eat dirty now and again.Also make sure you get enough recovery time,what they’re coming out with now about more sleep is for real.Continued good luck.