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Is It Too Late to PCT?

Alright guys, basically I fudged up. Im 23, 5’9 @199 pounds around 1–12% bodyfat.

I basically ordered a load of gear online, not all came through at once.
My test prop and anavar came at first, so I started my first cycle. 6 weeks with 40mg anavar per day and 100mg test every 3.

I was promised my nolva would come and basically it didnt.
I ordered from another site and long sotry short its finally come, however i finished my cycle 4 weeks ago.

I have not experianced effects of a shut down, ive ejaculated 2-3 times a day to maybe get the testes going (not sure if this would work), ive been on DAA’s to boost natural test levels and i am awaiting blood test results on my levels. I feel i have decreased my test a bit, i feel slightly tired and irritable, however workouts have not suffered at al, i have got stronger and lost no weight off cycle.

My question is should I get on the nolva for a few weeks, one week or just leave it?
thank you much love

I would still do the PCT. It couldn’t hurt.

do a mini pct.

it will help

did your nuts shrink?

Alright guys cheers for the feedback, im thinking of doing a mini pct, like 20mgs of nolva a day for two weeks. should this do the trick?

and they did, a week after the cycle they seemed to go back to their normal size

If you got bloodwork done, I’m assuming you got LH/FSH tested? If that will be back soon, I’d just wait for them. If they are adequate, then no need to PCT>