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Is It Time?


I know I need to do some more research but this is the deal so far. Worked out regularly (4-5 times a week) for the past 6 yrs. I am 26 not. Left the army 18 months ago. I lift free weights for about 1 hr 20 min every time i go to the gym. I then do cardio usually run 4 miles every other day. this is just a routine the Army got me in to. I eat a lot of grilled chicken, protein shakes, and take in about 2700 calories a day. I seem to be stuck at 185-187lbs.

I have been offered a bottle of test eth. Is this a good product to choose to start if i wish to start using steroids to get to 200lbs. I am not looking to do it over night. And i know i need to PCT. Which PCT is the best for test eth and can anyone recommend a good cycle with test eth. Thanks guys


Stop running and you'll gain more muscle.


start by upping your calorie intake to 3500. for your wieght you definately need more calories. I say 3500 because to stay at the weight you are at you would eat around 3000 cals., which you are doing, but that is only a maintenance amount. start eating around 3500 and see what happens. just go up from there if youre not satisfied.

do this before the test and maybe give it some time. the test will work much better if your calorie intake is where it should be. your body already needs more to fuel you because of your activity level and so you really need them if your using the test.


I have tried and it didnt seem to have any affect. I only felt like i was cheating on my workouts.


I have tried and it didnt seem to have any affest. I tried for 1 month. I just felt like i was cheating on my workouts


Ill give that a shot for 1 month or so. I take in about 2800 now. Give or take 200. If it doesnt work are there any other ideas. What about PCT for my first cycle if i go that route. The test is easy enough to get but i cant seem to find the nolvadex


Okay bro,

To answer your question? NO, it's not time yet. Too me, you sound overtrained and underfed. 3500 calories a day is nothing, let alone 2800. Quit worrying about a clean diet, eat whatever the hell you want, and eat a lot of it. There is a really cool article here, I think it's called the pound-o-week diet, search for it. Pound the weights hard for 45min-1hr 4-5 times per week with more calories, and you'll be amazed at what happens. Also, the other guys were on the right track, cut out all that running, you are killing yourself if your trying to put weight on.

Best of luck,


I'm just afraid if i eat anything I can get my hands on and stop running I'm gonna pack on a gut. I don't want to look like those guys who "used" to be in shape. I here where you are coming from though and I'm gonna give it a try.
This forum is very helpful for me so far and the people seem cool enough. Thanks for the help!!
Hopefully it works and I wont have to ask this question again.


Maybe thats something i picked up from the army as well


No way, you've got alot of growth left in you. I agree with everyone else. If you want to gain mass you can not be running that kind of mileage. Since I know you're not going to like everyones advice about stopping the distance running. I'd recommend you drop down to do some sprints. Stay in the 200-400 meter range (don't go over 400m). Go no less than 5 minutes between sprints and only do around 4. Secondly, you did not mention how many grams of protein you're getting per day. Third, drop all the frills and go with a powerlifting routine. Fourth, many sets of heavy squats twice a week. There is no way you won't grow.


The more you post, the more it sounds like you want to accomplish 2 things at once. I think you need to ask yourself, what is most important?

Do you want to be a big guy?

Do you want to be a skinny guy?

Yes, you will put some fat on when you bulk, it's part of the game. Watch the mirror, if you start putting it on your waist more than your muscles, then you are eating to much, or not training enough/hard enough.

IMO, you need to get to at least 200lbs natty before you cycle. You are asking why you haven't gained weight and 5 people have told you the solution, do you really want the truth?


Cool thanks for the help guys you have been very helpful. I will give all of your advice chance first!!


you've got to be fucking kidding me...

  • you run four miles four to five days a week
  • you lift weights for an hour and a half four to five days a week
  • you only eat 2700 calories a day

and you wonder why you're not making gains?

are you really that stupid?

eat more and cut down on the heavy cardio...problem solved...

you don't need AAS you need to start using your brain!



well, I might not have been so harsh,
but I'm just here to get along:)


dude, if I were you I would start now. Test enath is excellent. If your like me you know that aas are used regularly in most high schools.
do your reasearch and go for it.


Eat a LOT more. 2,700 calories is about right for a medium-build, semi-sedentary woman.


I really enjoy these threads, 'cause it's a question I frequently ask myself (Is it time?).

I'd like to play Devil's advocate for a minute here, and I'll be the first to admit that I'm dramatically under researched. I'm also not disagreeing with any of the advice that's been put forward.

That being said, why would someone who has a program in place (program critiques aside) and is working on improving his size/strength not use steroids AS WELL as incorporating the advice he recieves from the members on the forum?

Using this example, why would our original poster not

A) Sort out his PCT,
B)Increase his calories
C) Change from stady state distance running to sprints,
AND D) Use his bottle of Test E. together?

It's not like he's in high school and looking for an easy road (and shattering his endocrine system in the process), he's an adult who's training hard looking for an opportunity to develop beyond what he sees as a plateau.


I don't know that anyone is saying he shouldn't. BUT he wasn't doing A,B,C, so he was told to do that first.
I don't care who uses what, but if advice will better the results and be better for his help, why not offer that advice.
And seeing as he wasn't doing A,B,C--why not see if that's all you need before drugs to achieve your goals. Gains made by drugs without proper foundations are usually lost just as quickly.


No way you can grow on 2800 calories a day. I lose weight on 2800 calories a day. Eat 3500 a day with tons of protein and come back.


Gains made by drugs without proper foundations are usually lost just as quickly.

That's very clear, thank you.