Is It Time To Switch Programs?

I’ve been doing rippetoe’s for 3 months now…I gained 11 pounds in the first month and a half but haven’t gained anything since. My deadlift has been stuck at 245…squat has been stuck at 245, and I can’t get my bench over 125 =. Is it time to switch up programs? If so, any recommendations? I was thinking about starting on creatine…good idea, bad idea? I’m 5’10 only 156 right now.

Maybe a deload week would help. If you’ve been on a program for 6 weeks, you could change it up if you want. But as a beginner, you could get away with being on the same program for a while and still get gains.
If you want to switch, WS4SB is always good. I personally got great gains with Christian Thibaudeau’s Get Stronger, Get Faster, Get Vertical which you can look up here on T-Nation. If you have a little money to spare, Eric Cressey’s Maximum Strength is a good program. SquatDr’s program, which is the one I’m doing right now, is a good program. And there are many other things you could try, but these are a few I’ve tried and liked.

As far as supplements, make sure you diet is right first. Once that is right, then you could add supplements. However, at such a young training age, I don’t think you need supplements yet.
Just keep on trying to get stronger week in and week out and you will get the size you want.

It might not be your program. Hows your diet? Your intial gains may have been beginner progress. Creatine is not a bad idea, buts not going to make much of a difference if your diet isn’t in line.

Years ago, I used to have a horrible time bench pressing, I could never really move even a small amount of weight. Oddly enough my dumbbell bench was pretty solid. Finally, a guy at my gym just corrected my grip on the bar and it made all of the difference in the world. Since then I have been able to help a handful of people out by passing on his advice.

If your bench is suffering check your grip out man, it might really surprise you.

^^ I’m basically following USC trojan’s 2nd diet before he deployed except I usually take 2 scoops of Grow! Whey instead of eating the steak. If you’re unaware of his diet it’s…

6 omega-3 eggs (whole eggs)
1 Orange
1 Apple

Metabolic Drive 1 scoop
1 tablespoon All-Natural peanut butter

8oz chicken (or turkey or fish)
½ cup cashews (or Almonds of Macademia nuts)
½ cup rice

Metabolic Drive 1 scoop
1 tablespoon All-Natural almond butter

2 scoops Grow! Whey.
4 caps Flameout
1 cup pineapple

Metabolic Drive 1 scoop
1 tablespoon extra virgin olive oil (or Macademia nut oil)
1 orange

MEAL 7 (bedtime)
3 omega-3 eggs (whole eggs)
1 tablespoon All-Natural peanut butter
2 caps Flameout

I can’t lie though, I find myself on a number of occasions skipping the bedtime meal. I take 2 scoops of Surge after each workout.

If you are no longer gaining weight this is a function of YOUR DIET, not your program.

And from the looks of it you aren’t eating in a way that is condusive to gaining.

^Agreed. Meals 2 and 4 are only 200 cals each. You also admit to skipping your pre bed meal. I think your diet needs to be beefed up to continue making progress in the gym. Your simply not putting in enough fuel per day.

^ hmm what do you think if i added milk throughout the day? You think i should switch up this diet then? any recommendations?

Having Milk throughout the day and in your shakes can definitly help. Also, you can have 2 spoonfuls of PB instead of 1 and stop skipping your pre-bed meal.

You’ll already be fasted for about 8 hours while sleeping (thats 8 hours of no nutrients for your muscles), but by skipping that last meal your extending that time to possibly 11-12 hours.

^ thanks. As for the program, you think i should stick to it? I forgot to add in my post that before starting strength i originally did usctrojan’s ecto program for a bit…stupid idea, but when I changed to starting strength I immediately shot up 5 pounds within the next week, and another 6 not too long after that. You think this is an ideal time to switch programs or should i just follow the diet strictly, add milk, and continue the program.