Is It Time to Stop Working Out?

Hey guys i’m 17 and my doc diagnosed me with yeast infection/ adrenal fatigue.
Here is my panel

Total T = 117 ng/dl (range is 350-970)
Estradiol = 5.6 pg/ml (range is 10-36)
Androstendione = 50ng/dl (range is 33-192)
DHEA = 336 ng/dl (range is 250-900)
LH = 1.4 mIU/mL (range is .4-7.0)
FSH = 4.0 mIU/mL (range is 2.6-11.0)
Cortisol = 9.1 MCG/DL (range is 6.7-22.6)
Prolactin = 3.3 NG/ML (range is 2.6-13.1)
TSH = 2.44 (range is .34-5.6)
T4 free= .70 (range is .60-1.10)
T4 total = 5.8 (range is 6.1-12.2)
T3 total= 108 (range is 87-178)
Progesterone = 23 ng/dl (range is 24-175)

I have been training while sick for months and this seems like the main reason for my crashing hormones.

I’m trying to take it easy but i am still boxing 5 days a week for 60-90 minutes intensely. Today i realized the seriousness of the situation, feeling like absolute shit at 3:10pm, then training 4:30-5:45, at the end of the workout i couldnt do my calisthenics, i stopped because i began to shiver despite hot weather (86 in the gym).

Should i take off from working out all together for a bit, reduce frequency of training or implement any techniques to stop the downward cycle?

Current Protocol
1 -“Adren-all” adaptogen blend + adrenal concentrate
2 - Vitamin C - 2g
3 - Activite multivitamin
4 - joint support
5 - borage oil, fish oill
6 - extra b5

Any support is greatly appreciated.

*Edit - I’ve noticed i am putting on some fat in the abdomen despite training hard, following a paleo/ candida diet with 2500-3000 calories a day at 160lb 5"8. I also am having trouble putting on muscle (before this whole situation i put on muscle easy and had a dry look), now i also carry more water weight. I also feel much more sore than normal, lower back ache, easily made anxious/ surprised.

Ummmm, where’s your T?

If you did a cycle, your PCT failed spectacularly.

Why didn’t your doc say anything about Free T, it’s the elephant in the room?

You need to consolidate everything into one thread. Your lab values are all over the place…

Regarding your original question: Yes. Take the next week off. Completely. Don’t even THINK about “light recovery exercises”. Maybe you’ll even need 2 weeks, your body will tell you. LISTEN. Try to get more food in ya while you’re recovering. Eat as much as you can handle.

When you feel better, ask yourself whether you can handle that much volume in training. If you wanna be a boxer, keep up those 5 sessions and cut back on the weights.
If you’re in it for the muscles, cut boxing back to 3 times or less per week.
Also, a pure paleo approach is deadly for a guy with your activity level. The leaner you are, the more carbs you can have, especially around your work-outs. You are very lean. Eat some carbs.

Your test is eerily low. If you fucked around with AAS, leave it be until you read more about proper PCT, like Pangloss said.
If it’s just the training and diet do what I wrote above.

read the advice for new guys sticky

you have hypothyroidism, so the concerns are:

  • do you use iodized salt? if yes, for how long?
  • iodine in vitamins? if yes, for how long?
  • check and report waking body temps and during the day

And how often are you feeling cold?

Always need time of day for cortisol lab data.

  • Also using iodaral 35mg a day with salt water protocol (1/2 teaspoon in 12oz water)

Thank you Hatchet

To Pangloss, my values are from various tests → these are the most recent, we didnt get Free T sadly. I did not run the cycle of Anavar that i spoke about. And i have never run a cycle of steroids. I know my values are rock bottom, its crazy but thats all adrenal fatigue, no substance abuse.

To KS man → I’ve been on the iodoral for about 3 weeks, my waking temps have consistenly been 96.5 since iodoral and before.

  • i dont typically feel cold, i often get hot very easily, i break a sweat easily and sweat a lot.

→ note - it has recenttly gotten hot in ny, this may be putting extra stress on my thyroid to regulate body temps

  • Cortisol was done 9am,i woke 7am (non fasted)