Is It Time to Shed Some Fat?

My stats:
5’10" 165lbs.
Squat 285
DL 335
Bench 195

At the end of August I was 153 lbs. or so at around 13-14% bf. A few months later my lifts have jumped pretty nicely and I’ve gained about 12 pounds but my bf% has gone up to about 16-17% depending on the day. Basically a 50/50 muscle/fat split…not good. Being a skinny kid most of my life obviously a 16-17% bf scares me.

My question: should I continue my current goal of adding some more size with the understanding of maybe even an 18-20% bf level, or would it do me more good to try to shed some fat and then hit the gaining again? And second, am I just being a winey little beyotch or does this make sense to anyone else?

I read that Phoenix Theory article and I understand where they are coming from. I have been the scrawny kid my whole life and I’m trying to do something about it…I just dont’ know which to do first at a current weight of 165 with 16% bf. It is easier for the fat guys who have muscle and jsut need to lose fat…but what about us skinny kids with little muscle but fat as well?

Since you’re asking the question I have to suspect that you’re not happy with the way you look. So yes, it’s probably time to focus on fat loss. This “Bulk or Cut” topic comes up frequently and the answer is always the same: What are YOUR goals?

There are some really good recent articles concerning clean bulks and carb cycling. Read up and I’m sure you will find a path to succeed in whatever goal you choose.