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Is It Time for HOT-ROX?

I'm really trying to get a sense of when these types of supplements are appropriate, and if they really work.

I’m in really good all-around shape (Can run multiple miles back-to-back in under 6min, 20+ pullups for example). I have a pretty skinny waste (32") compared to my chest, but my abs never poke through. Never have. One time I got dysentery and got to 20 pounds under my normal “walking around weight”, still nothing. And it’s not because I have no abs.

Would a product like HOT-ROX be appropriate, I tend to shy away from supplements beyond a multi and Omega. But I’m getting pretty frustrated.

I’m not really interested in loosing even ten pounds, just that 1/2" of flab.

If the dysentary didn’t do it, I’m not sure if HOT-ROX would. What’s your body fat %?

Prob somewhere around 13%

Give them a go, I got some pretty good results with them, and will be getting another bottle in the next week or so.

You sound like me to be honest, a friend of mine has ab’s at 15% body fat, and still has that ‘V-cut’ that everyone loves, at about 20% with a ton of arm vascularity. I’m down to about 13-14% and just got my first hint of upper abs, very few veins popping anywhere, and even then I have to be really warm!

its always time for HOT-ROX

Could you post some of your current stats? Your profile has you at 5’11 and 187. What do your current lifts look like?? I only ask to get an idea of what your LBM might be. One of the proverbs around here is that Abs (for the most part) are made in the kitchen and not the gym.

Clearly a further reduction in bf% is required and the reviews for HRX have been pretty favorable.

I don’t know my current stats to be honest, I was just sent home from USMC world. I’ve basically been deconditioning for the past ten weeks of “training”.

Literally got back to the world two days ago. Stood on a scale yesterday, weight was 180, but the diet they had us on was crap, my legs are bigger (non of my pants fit around the upper legs), but even with all the running around with gear, and being underfed, I didn’t experience a “cutting” phase, probably because the food they serve is crap, a very simple carb heavy diet (for example, breakfast might be a scoop of fake egg, white rice, two slices of white bread, a waffle with syrup, and a muffin).

I also used to be pretty chubby (240 pounds @ the same hight). My arms are very lean and vascular, as is my face, it really is spot weight, but I know there’s really no way to target that.

Before I left I was doing:

Deadlift: 360 x 12
Bench: 200 x 15
Barcurl: 100 x 10

Those are the best that I have for numbers, the training I was doing was combining those lifts, very slow and controlled, with high-intensity sprinting/climbing w/pack in between sets. Also, lots of lifts like “Man-makers” and that sort of thing. I never attempted to do a one rep max, or high-speed, momentum heavy lift just to see how much I could do. Everything was 4 seconds up, 4-6 seconds down. I need to remeasure, but my Arms were about 14 3/4". More recently, all I could tell you about is how many pullups, ammo can lifts and how quick a fireman’s carry I can do…

Diet: (when I was in control of it, and now what I’m returning to) is mostly protein: whey, chicken, eggs, some beef, some pork, limited dairy, peanut butter. Lots of greens: spinach, kale. And fruit. Basically zilch on cereal grains and processed sugars. After basically living off that for the past couple months, it’s going to take a little will power to kick it back out of the diet.

But I’m ready to go full forward with whatever the next step is here. I can’t tell if I should do a real “cutting phase” and really try and knock that belly off before trying to gain muscle, or if doing something like HOT-ROX with an low-carb 4000kc diet (about what I was eating before) would be appropriate.

I love the feeling of HOT-ROX. The warm and slightly jittered feeling is always welcome, especially when downed with coffee.

Well, I ordered some. We’ll see how they go. At the very least, sounds like they should help me not flab-up 'till I’m healed up.