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Is It The Principle?

I’ve been on the same meal plan for 9 months. Pretty much the same food everyday for 9 months. For the people out there who really feel like they are nutritionally balanced…

Do you follow a daily eating plan (planned meals and the same food) or do you mostly go for the principles and mix it up everyday. By principle I mean…

Surge post workout
Low-Carb Grow! pre-bed

I am debating just dropping eating the same stuff and just shooting for priciple… any thoughts?


I only eat a few of the same things. My regulars include almonds, beef jerky and hard boiled eggs. Other than that it is lean cuts of beef, pork, fish, chicken. Different fruits and vegetables. Different carb sources (sometimes whole grain bread, other times rice or sweet potatoes). And that is just an example.

I could just eat the same thing everyday. Much too boring.

I was debating just getting a meals list and choosing as i go

Instead of ‘cheat days’ I have my weekends as free.

By ‘free’ I mean that I eat healthy but I do not track what I eat and I eat different foods. If I always eat apples and blueberries during the week I will eat pineapple or strawberries (etc). I feel this keeps my diet fresh, adds much needed variety and it even takes away any possible cravings I have for ‘true’ cheat meals.

I can’t imagine eating the same food everyday is the best way. It would seem that at least some variety would give you a better balance of nutrition. If you eat the same snack everyday that is one thing but if all six meals are the same that would have to suck… Plus it can’t be good for you.

Eating the same thing EVERY day is definitely not optimal for health. You should mix it up a little bit. Yes, choosing from a pre-set list of options might be an easy low-effort way of getting a little variety. I know I don’t feel like spending a lot of time choosing and preparing in the evening. Having three different things that I can make quickly seems to be a good compromise.

I try to get variety, but good protein sources are hard to come by. I eat chicken breasts, ground beef, tuna, eggs and Grow! everyday(I’d buy steak, but it’s not cheap and sucks to cook during the winter months). What else is there as a main source? I get different bags of frozen mixed veggies everytime I go grocery shopping, but fruits I stick to apples, pears, peaches, and bananas. Then there is oatmeal and whole grain bread. I drink a lot of milk, cottage cheese, and cheese too, but I still feel there isn’t enough variety in my diet.

I have been following a plan and recording intake for just 3 1/2 weeks now. I have found that once I cut out JUNK, my calories self regulated, I naturally ate the right amount, but over the course of the week. My carbs would vary from day to day, but by the end of the week, the totals were right on. I will still record a weekly calorie, protein gram and carb gram running total, and with two days left take a look to see if anything is way off my goals. Again, I’m still 6-8 weeks from being borderline lean.