Is it Stupid to Drink a 60g Protein Shake?

Drink 60grams of protein in a single shake? Now I decided to place this In pharma because I am in fact on cycle. I assume that makes a difference as obviously one of testosterone’s functions is protein synthesis. I just want to know if I’m wasting my money on protein? So boys, what’s the consensus? Two 60 gram shakes? Or 4 30 gram shakes?

Edit: Guess I should say they’re 56 gram shakes as each scoop is 28. Whatever.

Spread it out. Probably won’t make too much of a difference either way long term if total protein is hit

That’s what I was thinking it wouldn’t matter if I hit macro goals of 220g. However, it would likely be best to spread it out. I guess that I was expecting some scientific based evidence response. I do believe I read somewhere that you can only absorb 30g at a time. Idk if that’s true or not, if it is, I assume that would change with elevated testosterone levels. Idk I already spent hundreds on the cycle, I guess I just want to be as efficient as possible with protein. More for maximization of the cycle benefits but protein powder isn’t cheap either. Anyways, thanks for the response… I do hope someone ways in with some facts.

Since we’re in the pharma sub, what supplements are good to add to a cycle? Like gnc ones.


Edit: wording and to add

Science says that timing is highly irreelevant; take your shake directly after training or six hours afters.

“I read somewhere that you can only absorb 30g at a time.”

This is a long living myth, based on that a paper indicated that more than 30g didn’t increase the protein synthesis further. The paper does not say that the protein was not absorbed. It have later been shown that the findings, including other research on timing, of protein synthesis spikes is mostly irrelevant. Even though we can create “optimal spikes” with timing, the protein synthesis further level out over a day, what does matter is the daily protein intake.

TL;DR if you eat normal and reach* your macros, trying to optimize things will have no effect.

*consume the same over a day

Lol yeah, after I said that I googled it. One of the write-ups on broscience .co was the 30g myth. Anyways, thanks for the response bro.

I think it’s OK.

2 60g shakes or 4 30g shakes or even 3 shakes of 40g… do as you like man.

If you want, you you can try more variations to see if there’s difference. But I don’t really see a point in it. Difference is probably minor if it exists.

yeah man I feel you. How the hell would you be able to see the difference though honestly. I don’t even know what that would look like.

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I think John Meadows wrote somewhere that he likes to take 2 scoops of Plazma plus 3-4 scoops of Mag-10 peri workout. That would be 60-70 grams.

I think you shoulda learned the basics of nutrition before going on cycle.


Is that what you think? Well even though your response was useless to me, thanks anyways.

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Sorry bro, I’m not aware. Are those protein supps?

Protein, branched carbs and electrolytes.

lol word just googled it, thanks bro for your input