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is it safe to take tribex?B.Roberts or anyone who can help

I just received the results of my blood exams:
Total T 8.45(values suggested from 2min to max 8.77).I’d like to start a heavy tribex cycle but I fear that TR.will raise my T over the maximum suggested value.What I would risk?Possibly too much forming of DHT/androgens or estrogens?Moreover my values of TSH 1.93(min 0.25/ max 5.0);T3 2.99 (min 2.2/max 4.5)and T4 11.12 (min 7.0/max 15.6)are all under average.What do you think about that?
Thank you

I forgot to mention the unit of measurement.
Total T ng/ml; TSH uIU/ml ; T3/T4 pg/ml
Thank you

With a value near maximum on the scale should one be worried about health?I’d like to know more on the subject