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Is it Safe to Go 16+ Weeks?

So i wanted to ask that is it safe to run my cycle for 16 weeks+ 4 weeks PCT.
Im currently on my 6th week of gaining its my 4th cycle and i want to shred as well!

Well you didn’t mention what you are running. So I’m gonna assume it’s test. 12 weeks is obviously the standard but I know a lot who run for 16. I have never run anything past 14 altho if I did I would just draw out pct to 6 weeks. It might not even be necessary it would just make me feel better

Disclaimer : “the longer you keep em shut down for the harder it is to get back up and running” I see this everywhere. I think it depends on where you started baseline age weight diet etc

If your cycle is safe at 12 weeks it’s probably safe at 16. If it’s 16 weeks of tren then maybe not. If it’s 16 weeks of high dose anadrol it’s not. But 16 weeks of test? Absolutely fine. Guys run deca or EQ for 16 weeks all the time.