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Is it Safe to Eat Eggs Raw?


Hi I was just wondering if it's safe to eat the eggs raw (crack into a glass and drink). I really would much rather do that than have to cook them all the time and it'd save me some time too. How safe is this to do on a regular basis? I try and eat about 8-12 eggs a day. I've heard someone say it was unsafe to do so but I always see so many people doing it. What's the deal?!


This thread has already been posted... I remember someone posting that a girl said to him that raw eggs tasted like spunk and that it actually helped her to swallow :slight_smile:


Hungry4More eats a dozen or more raw eggs at a time. Yes there is a risk for salmonella but your immune system wont cave in from one bad egg.

There is also the option of buying pasteurized eggs. Not completely safe but possibly a bit safer.

Wikipedia has info on how prevalent illness from raw eggs occurs.

I do about 3-4 at a time. Not on a daily basis. But its never been a problem for me.

Mixing the raw eggs with a half scoop of protein powder is great for the taste. I cant drink them straight. But with the powder it tastes a bit like cake batter


According to this study, ( http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/12022671 ) there's approximately a 1/30,000 chance of getting salmonella from a raw egg. Which means that since you eat 8-12 eggs a day, you'll very likely get a contaminated one within 7-10 years.


Alright so I guess it's safe to say that it's pretty safe. Lol. Thanks guys I appreciate it.


Sweet, now to start tossing eggs in the blender with other absurd things.


Actually its not all taht good, raw eggs contains ALOT of bacteria and the cholesterol, cholesterol... it has sooo much, my school principal used to be a olympic lifter, and he came out 2nd place, he was actually pretty strong but heate so many raw eggs that now he can be joining sumo games.


Oh dude baaaaaaaaaaad start.
Eggs are king, man. Higher NPU than chicken, beef, fish... And cholesterol? Read up on Biotin and Choline on the yolk.


Shut up. Just shut up about cholesterol.

In the mean time read about what cholesterol actually does and why your body needs it.

Citing retards who blame raw eggs for getting fat has no place in a serious post.


Holy shit! Congratulations! You're the ceremonial one millionth idiot to post that on T-Nation!


LOL! You're so right! I eat 2-3 whole eggs every day and I'm still lean and have a low total cholestrol count.


You might want to know that your body's hormones are synthesized from cholesterol. It is not the enemy. Your other post regarding the unavailability of 99% fat-free beef patties (gross) tells me you have some reading to do regarding the importance of dietary fat intake.


Cartons of egg whites are pasteurized FYI. I know there's no yolk in that, but it's nature's Protein Water so drink up.



What type of protein powder do you usually use? Do you prefer the taste of eggs+protein over milk/water+protein?


wow fuck you all then, go sip more and more of that shit then, when you guys get older you fuck your self more morons, its not like im making this shit up


Aren't you like 90 lbs and still in high school? I guess we should take your nutrition advice to heart.

Dietary cholesterol accounts for MAYBE 20% of your total cholesterol count. Bile reabsorption counts for more than that, and your body synthesizes most of the cholesterol in your system from Acetyl-CoA molecules (~50-60% of total cholesterol is synthesized, not ingested). Acetyl-CoA molecules are made from other macronutrients in your body.

A little did you know: Every single steroid hormone in your body is synthesized from cholesterol. This includes testosterone, progesterone, estrogen, glucocorticoids (cortisol/cortisone), mineralocorticoids (aldosterone), etc, etc, etc....

Cholesterol is essential, and eating a few raw eggs a day isn't going to do any harm, unless you get salmonella or a different bacterial infection.

So in conclusion:

Your assertion: Eating raw eggs gives you high cholesterol and is bad for you.

My Answer: You're a fucking idiot.

Go back to social studies.


Have gone up to 36 raw eggs in the past ( Vince Gironda) , no salmonella. In order to contact one infected egg you would have to eat 28.000 raw or something like that, so once every 2 years at a rate of 36 a day. Salmonella is most dangerous to babies and elderly, so if you're neither, one bad egg every two, four, six or eight years won't kill you..


shit well the principal musten of taken the wrong eggs then


Just don't believe everything you hear in school? Or maybe anything you hear in school, specifically about nutrition and lifting. lol