Is It Safe to Eat a 5oz Can of Tuna Every Day?

I am worried about mercury. It is really hard to beat the protein content and price.
Krogers brand in water wild caught dolphin safe. $0.79 each.
80 calories, 18grams protein, carbs 0%, total fat 1 gram, sodium 270mg.

My one coach got mercury poisoning from a few weeks of daily tuna. I personally wouldn’t. Plenty of other good and economical protein sources out there.

I woulda assumed you already knew this given the advice you had for others. Maybe you should spend more time researching nutrition and not TRT.

Mix it up with sardines and markel etc lower on the food chain = less accumulated mercury.

LOL mmm dolphin


MensHealth online has a very good article on daily tuna eating. I came across it with a google search asking the question [ is it safe to eat tuna everyday? ] I also eat cod twice a week.

Eat some brazil nuts. The selenium binds to the metals.

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Interesting. I supplement with selenium for my thyroid health. Nice to know it can do double duty.

There are types of canned tuna. Some are lower in mercury than others. Go for the lower mercury ones.

I still think the recommendation is upto 3x per week.

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It’s not SAFE ! STOP right now or you will become a tuna