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Is It Real?

Okay guys, my supplier called me yesterday and told me that my d-bol had come in. Well I wanted to check with you guys first to check out it’s authenticity. They are small pink pills (5 sided) and I couldn’t tell if there was any noticable writing on the actual pill itself. He claims they are 5mg pills. Does this sound like anything you guys have seen/heard about? This is my first time with dbol and I am just not wanting to get scammed. Thanks for any info…

Theres lots of dbol out there. The pink ones i’ve used personally have both been 5 sided. One had no markings other than an indent on one side that marked what half of the pill was. The other one i used was pink and 5 sided and had a wierd imprint on it that looked to me like a guy with his chin on his fist thinking.

Anyway, if you can get one, pop it in your mouth and disolve it. If it tastes bitter and chemically, thats a good sign. If about half an hour or so after you take it you feel just super great, its dbol.


sounds like thai dbols bro. post a pic on here if you can. i used thai’s several times and what you are describing is what they were

Sounds alright, I’ve used them a few times with my cycles. If they come in the original jar, the Thai name is Anabol. Yes, they are 5 Mg.

How much does your supplier charge? Just curious, here they are OTC for app. 40$US for 1.000 tabs. Maybe could be worth to start a new business;-)

I have come across a TON of these Thai D-bol. I can honestly say that some have been the BEST fakes I have EVER SEEN!


Everyone says “Pink, 5-sided, imprinted…yep they’re legit” Nope. WRONG! Look deeper. There are 3 things you can do to test them.

First, do a “crush” test. Take one and place it under your thumb and press down on a hard surface as HARD AS YOU CAN. If they break, they are FAKE! You CANNOT crush Thai “pink stop signs” this way!

Second, examine them CAREFULLY! They should be a SOLID pink color with NO DISCOLOURATION. Some Thai D-bol I have come across will have TINY white specks, dots, blotches, etc in them. Real Thai’s should be solid in color. If they have some white in them, it means they have been crushed, mixed with another substance, and repressed. These will be WEAK in strength and you might be getting HALF the dose you would normally get from a REAL pill.

Third, trace the bottle they came in (chances are, you didn’t buy all 1000 of them). I have seen BEAUTIFUL bottles, with labels and “British Dispencery” molded right into the bottle cap too! These bottles mean SHIT! They can still be fakes. What you can do is, take the bottle and try peeling off the label. If it comes off easily, especially in one solid piece, it’s FAKE. But if it’s glued on the bottle GOOD, difficult to take off, and comes off in pieces, it’s good.

I hope all this info helps Dude. Good luck!

Thanks for you guys who took the time to respond. I have been checking and rechecking these things and I have to think they are real. The guy I got them from is a reliable source (if there is such a thing in this business) so I have to place my faith in him. I will defenitly do all the test recommended and keep a close eye on gains/sides and etc. Thanks again guys.

It is amazing how you guys only eat the healthiest foods, drink spring water, but then go ahead and put some unknow pills in your body. why don’t you just work hard and stop cheating.

this is my first post on the steroid forum. mostly im just a fucking jackass that comes to t-mag to ask lame ass bullshit questions and in return for everyones help i offer insults to the guys who actually know what the fuck they are talking about.

growing fast.

Hey growing fast, you can’t be growing all that fast considering you do your squats out of a bench press.


You used Mag-10. How is that different?

I think the 5mg has a imprint of a snake with a fork in its tongue.
Correct me if I’m wrong