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Is It Real Gain?

Hi all.

I was just curiouse if ,y gain is trully musle gain.

background info.
-I ve experimented 1-6 priniciple this week. I did squats, bench presses on day 1 and DL on day 2. Then I have skipped for 2days due to my lazy habbit and I thought

I was bit sick… I was on proper diet on day 1 and day2. basically lots of protein and fat. however I couldn’t be bothered to eat propery during my lazy rest days.

I ate mostly Microwave fat junk food and chiness takeaway. I think I ate lots of fat, carbs, protein, say 20%fat 40% carbs and 40%protein. I didn’t consume any sups on the rest days. but i did take BCAA, fish oil tabs, and protein poweder on day 1 and 2.

SOmething weird has happend to me, something that never really happended from what i remember.I did gain 5pounds after exactly 2 days. I did scaled myself on day2 of this week and I was wearing the same cloths and shoes as i did today.

I don;t think i drank 5 pounds of water and i can;t imagine i have gained 5 pounds of fat, if it was fat then i should see some fatts on my body but i don;t really see that much difference.

what i can tell you is my training for 2days were very intense and I did follow 1-6. Is this a good thing? is it a benifit after hardwork or is it just combination of lots of shit in my ass and water?

I don;t know what it is.

If your performance improves then your gains are real. If not, your just getting fat.

The chinese food would have lots of sodium and could easily create 5 lbs of bloat.

Did the 1-6 principle work? I’m really interested in trying it.

It’s normal for your weight to fluctuate as much as 10 pounds by water weight and the actual weight of the food you consume. I doubt it’s possible for the human body to store 5 pounds of fat in 2 days.

Water from the junk food. Food has lots of water in it remember. I suspect your fat/carb/protein ratio by calorie was heavier than your estimate on fats and carbs too.

5 pounds of real fat is about 5x3500 excess calories, all fully digested and converted to fat in the body. Seems unlikely. Muscle even less likely. So it’s water. Sorry.

On the bright side, you may have gained a little strength from the exercises you did.