Is it Real Anavar? Bloodwork After 3 Days On

Hey yall. long story short I did anavar for three days in an attempt to bring my test lower in order to get trt prescribed. It is already low around 315 range (I’m 20, feel symptoms). Got blood work done. My test came back exactly the same as before 337. I got one test 3 weeks ago and this one after the 3 days of anavar. my blood test showed increased rbc count. my first 5.67 (the range is under 5.4). my test was the same ( arghhh!) my lipids were not checked (stupid as furk doctor). my muscle enyzmes ( CK) came back high. 316 (range is under 165). a coulpe questions isn’t anavar at low doses supposed to supress you? tbh my erections became harder for those three days as usually due to my natty test level they are soft. does anavar increase your rbc. Are elevated CK dangerous and caused by anavar use? Also I feel like my ubertal gyno flared up a bit. this is why I am asking if this is real anavar. Also what I noticed is that my body felt weird on anavar. My sleep was deeper with more vivid dreams ( had a dream where I got set up for selling blow by my cousin lol) and my muscles felt weird. I don’t know if this was to pump or harding. kinda liked the feeling tbh. I also saw viens come in the gym on my arms which makes me think this was anavar. What yall feel is It real anavar?

It’s probably real, but ck levels will be high if you train like a man on in a mission. Also like I said before it will probably take a couple weeks to Shit you down. You have to take into consideration compounding half life and natural levels of lh, day and such.

Three days is not enough for a drop in my opinion. And even if it were to drop you sub-300, you’d most likely need a 2nd or 3rd, and possibly an MRI to rule out secondary, test to back the 1st number up if your doctor is following some sort of protocol… especially after two 300+ tests. What then? I don’t think you have this planned out.

I took mid-high doses of hdrol (75-100mg ED) for about a week (said to “suppress” after like 100mg) followed by 2 days off and then the blood test.

I dropped to mid 60s, but, I was naturally a 90-100.

Edit: Donate blood to drop your RBC and @norse_str3ngth is correct about CK. Mine always comes back high… I’m sure everyone else’s here is the same as well.

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